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Emuna Stories

The Miraculous Rescue

If you have the emuna that God had already prepared the solution to your problem even before the problem came to be – then indeed you get a miraculous salvation!

Real Miracles

I said thank you Hashem and saw miracles. I saw miracles upon miracles, day after day, year after year. Hashem has blessed me in unbelievable ways; ways I didn’t even recognize.

Kitchen Miracles

We need to ask Hashem for everything, without feeling ashamed over “bothering” Hashem over the smallest things. Read what happens when you do Chok Todah...

Rabbi Arush Miracle Stories

Medical Miracle vs. MRI

Reuven was passing out, sleeping a lot, suffering in pain and even losing his speech, due to the deterioration of his condition. The doctors gave him only weeks to live...

Teshuva Stories

Ditch Your Dreams

Sometimes, in order to fulfill your wildest dreams, you have to ditch some dreams that really weren’t meant for you along the way. Clearly, G-d knew better…


Back in the nineties, when ‘supermodels’ were just starting to be massively-paid celebrities in their own right, Israeli-born Avichai Cohen appeared to have it made...

The Ripple Effect

I had dipped in and out of self-pity that I was 35 years old and not married yet. However, after hearing Rabbi Arush speak that night in Las Vegas, my life changed…

From the Pits

DG is doing time in a Texas prison for a violent crime. He found himself in a kill or be-killed situation, for it's not easy to be a Jewish boy in an environment like that…