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Continuing the Light

Chanukah is over; the Menorah stands empty and forlorn (or back it its box until next year). Here is how we can continue the light of Chanukah into the rest of the year!

My Menorah Miracle

God sometimes hides a welcome wake-up call and a special blessing, in the most routine and boring things, like a meeting with your insurance agent!

The Kislev Connection

The Menorah, which we only light with pure oil, symbolizes the purity of a Jewish lifestyle. This is the very point which the Greeks tried to destroy...

A Healthy Hanukkah

Tradition is not supposed to harm good health. Isn't there an alternative to deep-fried white-flour donuts doused in powdered white sugar and filled with sugary jam?

Jewish Pride Week

The Greeks and their self-hating collaborators did everything to poison the well of Jewish pride: be ashamed of your Judaism, of Israel and of your belief in G-d…

Shine a Little Light

As opposed to the Greeks, we do not idealize physicality; for a Jew, the physical is important only in as much as it serves our true spiritual existence…

Israel’s Victory

How does Israel, throughout the ages, prevail over enemies that are much mightier? The secret is that before they overcome the enemies, they must overcome nature. How?

Logic of the West

Time is crucial. Iran is recreating the Persian Empire. It has captured Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Once it consolidates, it will control most of the region…

Zot Chanukah

When compared to the "ohr ein sof" that burns in the Chanukah candles, the so-called "light" of enlightenment and modern philosophy is utter darkness…