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A Noahide Chanukah Diary

“I printed up instructions for how to light the candles, where to place them. We celebrated with an awkward tension. How do we do this? We have no cultural references.”

Our Holiday, Our Land

How do you describe the simple pleasure of celebrating Chanukah in a place where everyone is also rushing home to light their menorah? Our holiday, our land…

Who Throws Away Gold?

Darkness can shut out light for a person only when his emuna is weak and has been extinguished. The only solution is to light the light of Torah and emuna, to kindle the light that Hashem always loves us in any situation.

The Kislev Connection

The Menorah, which we only light with pure oil, symbolizes the purity of a Jewish lifestyle. This is the very point which the Greeks tried to destroy...

A Healthy Chanukah

Tradition is not supposed to harm good health. Isn't there an alternative to deep-fried white-flour donuts doused in powdered white sugar and filled with sugary jam?

Jewish Pride Week

The Greeks and their self-hating collaborators did everything to poison the well of Jewish pride: be ashamed of your Judaism, of Israel and of your belief in G-d…

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