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Crown of Royalty

In the past, nations - especially the daughters of royalty - cherished the trait of modesty. They honored modesty and realized that it represented self-respect. Similarly, Jewish women wear the crown of royalty (modesty). 

Defeating False Philosophies

The lesson of Chanukah is the rejection of non-Jewish values and norms. How can we take that lesson with us throughout the year? The Kalever Rebbe gives important advice...

Building a New World 

It often seems that society is so sick, so lost, so corrupt that there is no chance of rehabilitation. But is that really so? Rabbi Arush offers a solution to heal our society. 

The Power of Commitment

How often do we find ourselves with little self-confidence to make desired changes in our lives? How can we give ourselves a needed boost of strength to overcome our challenges? The Kalever Rebbe gives a surprisingly simple solution...

Technology Addiction

Hours wasted every single day... Moments lost... Where did the day go... Who cannot identify with these nagging questions?! The problem – and its solution – are in front of our eyes. The Kalever Rebbe explains...

A Depressed Comedian?!

Do you know people who seem to be living a performance and whose lives are in shambles?   The Kalever Rebbe describes the inevitable influence they have on society by redefining what is acceptable behavior. 

The Real Royalty

What is the significance of the coarse barley flour that is brought in the sota offering? The Kalever Rebbe explains how this offering guides us today.

The Damage From Mixing

The Jewish values of yichud  and shomer negiah are deemed antiquated and unnecessary in today's society. What effect does that have on our children?

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