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A Depressed Comedian?!

Do you know people who seem to be living a performance and whose lives are in shambles?   The Kalever Rebbe describes the inevitable influence they have on society by redefining what is acceptable behavior. 

The Real Royalty

What is the significance of the coarse barley flour that is brought in the sota offering? The Kalever Rebbe explains how this offering guides us today.

The Damage From Mixing

The Jewish values of yichud  and shomer negiah are deemed antiquated and unnecessary in today's society. What effect does that have on our children?

The Coalition of Gog

What we do every moment determines where we reside - with Hashem or with Gog. In this tumultuous time, we have two powerful weapons to protect ourselves.

Noah – A Second Look

Take another look at Noah and see just how much we can learn from him in our times, when a flood of immorality is once again inundating the world.

Guard Your Brain!

People who limit their use of technological devices have time to build their lives in the best way. They have a clear mind to make proper decisions in life.

Investment Advice

We unknowingly trade gold for copper, and an investment which is guaranteed to yield high returns for an alternative whose endgame is a price of zero.

Hashem’s Cop

Four female activists board a Mehadrin bus from Bnei Brak to Ashdod. With cameras in hand and ready for action, they didn't expect a surprise encounter with a Breslever...

Keep the Shame

Various forces are at work trying to destroy our natural sense of shame. There cannot be another flood for our sins – but there is a flood not of water, but of plague…

Free – or a Slave?

We have two options – to serve our desires - or serve Hashem. One brings us into the depths of slavery; the other, to true freedom which defies any physical conditions…