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It’s a Wrap

How can a woman get to the point where she is willing to cover her hair? She faces such opposition from within and without. Read the true story of one woman’s amazing journey.

From Rose Bowl to Rashi

Read the beautiful story of the Murray's spiritual journey from being youth leaders in a Christian church to choosing Torah and Judaism. Read of their challenges, joys, and eventual fulfillment in becoming their true selves. [At end is a video clip interview with Rabbi Tovia Singer.]

Ditch Your Dreams

Sometimes, in order to fulfill your wildest dreams, you have to ditch some dreams that really weren’t meant for you along the way. Clearly, G-d knew better…


Back in the nineties, when ‘supermodels’ were just starting to be massively-paid celebrities in their own right, Israeli-born Avichai Cohen appeared to have it made...

From the Pits

DG is doing time in a Texas prison for a violent crime. He found himself in a kill or be-killed situation, for it's not easy to be a Jewish boy in an environment like that…

My Burning Bush Moment

We ate matzot on Passover and bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches on Shabbat. Accentuating our similarities with general Santa Barbara society was our family's major objective...


Individuality is a gift, not a liability. The more we can learn to accept it, the faster our shortcomings become opportunities and the darkness in our lives become light…

A Blessing in Disguise

She was a popular teenager with plenty of boys asked her out on dates. But, for some strange reason, something always came up to postpone the Friday night date…

Setting the Stage

Sometimes, our lowest points in life and our greatest setbacks are simply preparing the way for a new life of happiness, success and fulfillment...

My Brother

The cab driver had a shaved head and a scorpion tattooed on his neck. In his right ear, he sported a diamond-stud earring. He certainly wasn't from my part of the country…

The Tougher League

Baseball fans sigh with relief that Yom Kippur is early this year, so they won't miss the World Series. One ballplayer learned about teshuva from his rise to the Major League..

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