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Breslev Kids

Quirky Turkey

In a world where people often throw away their identities, Quirky Turkey reminds us all that we don't have to be turkeys to be good people; we have to be who we really are...

Eden’s Garden

Eden is a very talented and extremely special young lady of eleven who not only listens to emuna CDs but speaks to Hashem every day in sincere personal prayer...

Children and Education

The Damage From Mixing

The Jewish values of yichud  and shomer negiah are deemed antiquated and unnecessary in today's society. What effect does that have on our children?

The “Why” of Mitzvot

What difference does it make if we understand some of the reasoning behind a mitzvah? Isn’t it enough to do them because Hashem commanded them? Knowing the “why” of mitzvot can make the difference in serving Hashem with passion and joy, or serving Him with disinterest.

Education Comes First

Every Jewish parent is concerned about how to ensure that their children will be strong in their avodat Hashem. The Kalever Rebbe gives us the formula for success.


A Meaningful Love

The bond between a Jew and a non-Jew is not one of everlasting love. Happiness can only come from building a Jewish home together with a true-life partner.