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Breslev Kids

Quirky Turkey

In a world where people often throw away their identities, Quirky Turkey reminds us all that we don't have to be turkeys to be good people; we have to be who we really are...

Eden’s Garden

Eden is a very talented and extremely special young lady of eleven who not only listens to emuna CDs but speaks to Hashem every day in sincere personal prayer...

Children and Education

What I Saw in the Holocaust

Today, we see that elite American universities that create the next leaders in society have become centers of hate. Yet, we send our children there for “higher education”, thinking that their Torah education will protect them from adverse influence. But is that what happens? 

Freedom of Choice?

Some governments want to force schools to adopt a curriculum that is heresy according to Torah standards. This trend is rooted in “openness” and “freedom of choice”. How can we protect our children from this toxic exposure?

The Exciting Show

We all have times when our prayer or learning is done with a coldness, a lack of interest, and devoid of any enthusiasm. What's the answer? The Kalever Rebbe gives practical advice... 

Protect Your House

There are people who mock rabbis and Torah scholars as "useless" and "out of touch." Not surprisingly, their children learn to view rabbis as such. This approach destroys the last hope of saving their children from the spiritually deadly epidemics afflicting modern society. 


Shidduchim Project

Don’t miss out on this opportunity: Until 15-Av, the Kalever Rebbe will daven specifically for whoever tries to make a shidduch -to merit brachot, goodness, and salvations in all matters.

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