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Crowning The King

On Rosh Hashanah, we do not mention our righteousness, nor do we ask of anything for ourselves. We nullify ourselves completely and focus on crowning The King - fully accepting Hashem as our revered and beloved Monarch.

A Year of Gratitude 

A juicy orange, a deep breath of air to fill your lungs, a cup of coffee at breakfast... What's the big deal? It's a VERY big deal! Read on...

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Surviving the War

It's a real war! Each of us battles the philosophies and cultures that deny Hashem's existence. The doubts that burrow themselves in our hearts can be overcome by Shabbat.

Who’s Really in Control?

Don't we often feel that current events are spinning out of control and that no one is in charge? Let's turn that feeling of helplessness into emuna in the One Who is in absolute control.

Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

A Lazy Man Works Double 
6 min

Do you want successful and emotionally healthy children? Do you want closeness with your spouse and a tranquil home? Roll up your sleeves and read Rabbi Arush's wise advise...