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The Mirror

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that character defects we see in others (including our children) is a Hashem's way of mirroring back to us our obligation to fix...

Hashem’s Freeloader

The word “freeloader” conjures up negative images, yet we are all freeloaders to an extent. What’s the right way and the wrong way to freeload...

Know Hashem!

Since diseases are always in the world, why are there sudden pandemics? What make a pandemic end? Why are certain locales affected while others are not? Read the lesson of the locusts!

Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

Heal the World
6 min

Ready to start a truly good year - a year that you’re happy, healthy and fulfilled? Here’s how you can make that dream a reality...

Stop the Tragedies!
4 min

Rabbi Arush has an URGENT message for YOU! Read about the greatest gift ever given to the world, which will do miracles for you too!

5 Minutes Read

A Handful of Gravel

During times of abundance, people forget to lift their eyes to Hashem and thank Him properly. Only when the troubles arrive - do they remember to look up...

Up in Smoke

The "Chida" - Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, of blessed memory, says that by getting rid of needless physical excesses, we rid ourselves of spiritual excesses...

Sound of the Siren

We often ask ourselves why the European Jews of the 1930's didn't realize what was happening to them. Is history repeating itself? Should American Jews be alarmed?

Daily Inspiration

G-d, please give me the faith that you love me as I am and that you are gaining Nachas from me.

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NEW UPDATE: Rosh Hashanah – in Uman!

NEW UPDATE 9/15! Everyone is talking about it, worried about it, praying about it. Meanwhile, the borders of the Ukraine are closed. What IS there to talk about, anyway?

Look for the Good

Your roommate in Uman puts his wet mikvah towel on the clean-pressed shirt that you planned to wear on Rosh Hashanah eve, after you paid $1000 for this "luxury" bunk…

Uman: The Ultimate Cleansing

I literally saw a wash of colors cascade down behind my closed eyes from my crown to my heart. It felt like yet another rinse cycle in Hashem’s gigantic washing machine...

Exiled to Siberia

The judges sentenced him to 5 years of harsh labor in Siberia; that terrible decree saved his life. This is the story of Yitzchak Gelbach, a Breslever Chassid…


Shmuel HaNavi

Born to Chanah and Elkana. Chanah, who had been barren for many years, prayed with great intensity in the Mishkan at Shiloh, administered by Eli, the Priest...

Tzedaka (Charity) – The Work of Giving

Our sages teach: If you see that your livelihood is limited, give tzedaka! All the more so, if you have sufficient income. This is like a shorn and unshorn...


Original Man; first human being created by G-d. He is created "B'tzelem Elokim," "in the image of G-d." One of the meanings of...


The priest of Midian, he becomes Moshe's father-in-law. Yitro, also known as "Reuel," is recorded as living in Midian...

Family & Daily Life

Chapter of Man (פרשת המן)

The commentators cite the Talmud Yerushalmi that one who recites this chapter every day is assured that his sustenance will not be lacking.

Getting Hold of my Senses

After my bout with Corona, I was “over it” but I suffered from headaches, fatigue, lack of taste, smell and more. What I learned in the process is priceless!

A Meaningful Love

The bond between a Jew and a non-Jew is not one of everlasting love. Happiness can only come from building a Jewish home together with a true-life partner.

Zumba Queen

Rugalach, banana liqueur, potato kugel, shnitzel, chulent, but no exercise? Are religious Jews suicidal? The observant lifestyle and the pot-belly don't have to go together…