You’ll Never Lose from Giving

She strengthened her emuna, did The Law of Thank You and continued giving charity at her old rate even with her slashed income – and reaped the returns...

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Tamar Becker

Posted on 25.12.20

This story of miracles actually began two years ago, as I wrote about in Miles to Go…Before I Sleep.


I started my new job in Jan 2019. Six months later, I donated a large sum to the Fire of Emuna campaign. 


About 8 months after my donation, the Coronavirus hit Israel. More than half of my company was let go (see A Few Steps Ahead)I remained, but could only work 10 hours a month at minimum wage. My monthly salary plummeted almost 94%! That being said, I was still thrilled to have some form of work at any pay, especially since I hoped that eventually, I would be first to get my full-time job back. 


As difficult as my financial situation was, I resolved to maintain all of my chomesh (20% tithing) donationsConsequently,  my  tithe  was now many times my income 


That’s when the miracles started to happen… 


The amount of money that I had donated to the “Fire of Emuna” campaign was almost the same amount that was freed up by my investment advisor during that time! Of course, he had no idea that his decisions about buying-selling would play out like this. This money plus income from other sources – American Stimulus check, Israeli Stimulus check, and a repaid debt – kept me afloat. 


I spent my 30-minute morning walks doing the Law of Thank Youthanking Hashem for my income. I apologized for thinking that my income came from savvy financial advisors, my employer, or investors. I asked Hashem to strengthen my emuna that He will supply me with my daily needs just like He has for the last 32 years in Israel. I thanked Hashem that He brought me to Eretz Yisrael where His Divine Providence is so obvious.  


Through the long months, my basic needs were always provided for. I was never hungry, without clothing or shoes, nor was I out on the street. True, I was dipping into savings, but I did not need to take out a loan nor did I go into debt.  I learned to live with the idea “this is my mann for today. As someone who feels a need to keep all cupboards fully stocked “just in case,” this was particularly difficult. I learned to live a subsistence-only life and be content with what I did have at the moment, knowing that Hashem would provide for me just like in the desert.  


Over time, I learned that emuna isn’t just for dealing with the major milestones in my life, but also for the day-to-day details. My emuna was strengthened considerably. In spite of not knowing how long it would be, if ever, before getting a normal salary again, I didn’t feel stressed out! 


Just before Chanukah, I gulped and gave another large donation. 


After 9½ months of living on a slashed income, I got notice that my former salary and benefits will be reinstated in full on 01-Jan-2021! 


Looking back, I see the tremendous blessings that came from donating to emuna outreach, giving the 20% tithedoing The Law of Thank You, strengthening my emuna, and being grateful for what I had.  


It wasn’t easy, and it was totally counter-intuitive – which is why all brought about miracles! 


Editor’s Note: 

So many times, we look at our situation and think, “What do you want from me Hashem? My reactions are totally normal!” 


Hashem is asking us to go beyond our normal, animal instincts and feelings.  When  income  is  reduced,  the  natural  instinct  is  to  reduce  the  amount  of tzedakah  we  give  also.  


Hashem wants us to go above nature, into the realm of emuna, believe in Him, trust in Him, and get miracles in return! 


It’s time to push the envelope just a little. Hashem is forcing us to push that envelope, pushing us out of our comfort zones, forcing us to strengthen our emuna just in order to manage and survive whole in body and soul. 



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