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The Garden of Purity

A comprehensive manual to personal holiness-men only. Rabbi Shalom Arush's amazing new edition to his English-language literary garden will help you realize your fantastic potential to live a happier, more fulfilled life. We all appreciate the virtue of loyalty. Loyalty begins with the love between husband and wife, then extends to the love of one's children, one's family and one's nation. The same principle of loyalty applies to our relationship to The Creator; He alone sustains us and grants us every blessing in life.  The holy covenant - the brit that is carved in the flesh of every Jewish male - is our pact of loyalty with The Creator. We therefore refer to the brit as "guarding personal holiness", for like a loyal honor guard, we guard our covenant with The King of Kings. Only when a person attains holiness, can he begin to love his wife and enjoy true marital bliss.  This is the exact opposite of what modern society thinks; for that reason, divorce is so widespread today, something that this book intends to prevent.  Personal holiness is a prerequisite for true and lasting love, and every other blessing in life, such as ample income and wonderful children, as we'll learn in this book. With Hashem's Grace, through this book, Hashem will grant you a sweet and good life, true marital bliss, easy and ample income, righteous and pious children and more spiritual and material abundance than you ever dreamed of. Don't miss this ultimate life-changer! Order Now! Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody


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The Garden of Gratitude – SPANISH

The Garden of Gratitude - SPANISH The Garden of Gratitude is an ever-so-bright spiritual light that is guaranteed to illuminate your life in a way you can't begin to imagine. This book is the next step up the ladder of inner peace and self-realization from Rabbi Shalom Arush's multi-million copy international best-seller, The Garden of Emuna. Written in a reader-friendly and readily comprehensible style, The Garden of Gratitude explains how to make a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual growth – through gratitude! The attribute of gratitude is a prerequisite to true happiness and success in all of our interpersonal relations, especially marriage. If life seems like a brick wall or a dead end street, then learning to give thanks is the key to a new tomorrow. As you'll see in this amazing book, gratitude defies nature and invokes miracles of every type. People surrounded by the darkness of supposedly-terminal diseases or apparently insurmountable debts saw the light of day after taking the advice in this book. Imagine that your life is a digital washing machine with 26 cycles, but you only know how to use 3 of them. The Garden of Gratitude will teach you how to use the other 23 and get the most out of your life. Reading this unforgettable book will make a dramatic change in your life for the better and will do wonders for your interpersonal relationships. This book is something you owe yourself and a true life-changer! By Rabbi Shalom Arush. Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody. Deluxe softcover, 384 pages.  

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