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The Garden of Purity – For Men Only

The Garden of Purity Rabbi Shalom Arush's amazing new edition to his English-language literary garden will help you realize your fantastic potential to live a happier, more fulfilled life. This book is a practical, comprehensive and reader-friendly manual to personal holiness, the key to every blessing in a Jewish man's life. We all appreciate the virtue of loyalty. Loyalty begins with the love between husband and wife, then extends to the love of one's children, one's family and one's nation. The same principle of loyalty applies to our relationship to The Creator; He alone sustains us and grants us every blessing in life.  The holy covenant - the brit that is carved in the flesh of every Jewish male - is our pact of loyalty with The Creator. We therefore refer to the brit as "guarding personal holiness", for like a loyal honor guard, we guard our covenant with The King of Kings. Only when a person attains holiness, can he begin to love his wife and enjoy true marital bliss.  This is the exact opposite of what modern society thinks; for that reason, divorce is so widespread today, something that this book intends to prevent.  Personal holiness is a prerequisite for true and lasting love, and every other blessing in life, such as ample income and wonderful children, as we'll learn in this book. With Hashem's Grace, through this book, Hashem will grant you a sweet and good life, true marital bliss, easy and ample income, righteous and pious children and more spiritual and material abundance than you ever dreamed of. Don't miss this ultimate life-changer! Order Now! 400 pages deluxe softcover, translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody


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A Daily Dose of Bitachon

Bitachon. How to get it. How to strengthen it. How to learn to rely on Hashem. In every part of our lives. Bitachon – knowing that you can fully rely on Hashem, and only on Hashem — is an essential part of our chovot halevavot, our “service of the heart.” It is the wondrous gift that enables us to enjoy the blessing of menuchat hanefesh – a hard-to-define concept that includes serenity, tranquility, and peace of mind. Rabbi David Sutton, author of many important works including Beis HaLevi on Bitachon and Embrace Shabbos, shares with us more than 130 readings, designed for the consistent daily use that enables truly effective change. Drawn from the classic wisdom of the Chovot HaLevavot Sha'ar HaBitachon, these insights into this “service of the heart” are remarkably contemporary, speaking to our own challenges. Each reading ends with a practical takeaway, ensuring that we incorporate bitachon into our everyday encounters. And of course, Rabbi Sutton shares stories that show us the amazing power of bitachon. In these readings we will learn how to reframe our thoughts. We will explore hashgachah pratit (personal Divine intervention). We will see how to properly balance hishtadlut, human effort, with bitachon in Hashem, and how to strengthen our connection to Hashem both in good times and hard ones. Fitness experts say that to keep your heart strong and healthy, you need to do a cardio workout. And you need to do it regularly and consistently. It’s the same with bitachon: To keep your “service of the heart” strong and healthy – you need a daily workout. And that’s what this book gives you: A cardio workout of the spirit!


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The Garden of Peace: A Guide to Marriage for Men Only – Spanish

The Garden of Peace: A Guide to Marriage for Men Only - Spanish From the author of international bestseller "The Garden of Emuna" and the smash hit "Women's Wisdom", Garden of Peace by Rabbi Shalom Arush is finally available. The book that all men (and all women! ) have been waiting for! "The Garden of Peace" is the renowned marital guide dedicated solely to men. As in the case of "Garden of Emuna" and Rabbi Arush's other books, this book has become a phenomenal bestseller worldwide in a very short time. This book has been recognized as a successful marriage coach that "has punctured the balloon of divorce statistics." The advice of Rav Arush, firmly grounded in the Torah and the teachings our righteous sages of past generations, 'doctors of the soul,' that once existed is profound and practical, effective and easy to understand. The advantages that the husband can achieve through this book both spiritually and materially are amazing. An indispensable guide for anyone who wants to improve his relationship with his wife and live in peace with his family. This book will bring out the best in you as a man, husband, and father. Whether you have not yet found your soul mate, or if you've celebrated your golden anniversary, or if you are just starting your married life, The Garden of Peace is sure to become your trusted companion and guide. Translation and faithful adaptation of the original Hebrew by Rabbi Jonathan D. Galed, disciple of the author and director of his Spanish speaking       department. 400 pages, paperback. A must in every home!