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A Meaningful Love

The bond between a Jew and a non-Jew is not one of everlasting love. Happiness can only come from building a Jewish home together with a true-life partner.


How do we deal with burnout when dating… especially when we want to speed up the process already and find the right one!

Marrying Young

Whatever a person does - whether learning Torah or pursuing a profession – will be much more successful once he takes a wife; marriage should not be delayed...

Will He Change?

How do you know if he’ll really change and live up to his promises? Or maybe he isn’t the real problem, and you’re just scared?

Don’t Settle for Less

How do you know when compromise is necessary to find a spouse, and when to never settle for less? Plus, an important fool proof trick to see if he’s the real deal…

The Ex Factor

Ten years ago, Miles wanted to marry a certain young lady, but the feeling wasn't mutual. For ten years, he's been dating, but just can't seem to find anyone...

Curious About Sex

Hashem created men and women completely different - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Consequently, we also respond differently...

Date with Confidence

The right guy will love her for exactly who she is – with her strengths, and even her weaknesses – without her needing to impress him with her looks.

I Want My Soulmate!

Emuna is not about being a good girl so you can convince Hashem to give you what you want faster. It’s not about trying to manipulate Hashem into creating a certain situation…

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