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The Three Keys

Three powerful suggestions to bind ourselves to the Tzaddik: study the Rebbe's writings, give tzedakah (charity), and hitbodedut (personal prayer.

Breslov Summer Customs

Many Breslover Chassidim study Likkutei Moharan II, 67, during the Three Weeks and recite the corresponding prayer Likkutei Tefillot II, 33. Some also recite this prayer on...

Feige the Prophetess

Rebbe Nachman honored the women of his family. Due to his mother's great spiritual merits, the Rebbe asked that we refer to him as “Nachman Ben Feige.” Her date of passing: 19-Adar.

Mission: Hafatza

“Hafatza” – spreading Rebbe Nachman’s teachings around the globe – is our central task in the epoch of Moshiach. Every home deserves a taste the sweetness of Breslev...

Passing the Torch

The unbroken chain of Torah is indestructible by virtue of those steadfast pupils who nullify themselves to become the receptacles of their master’s teachings.