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Let Us Make Man

We do not forget for even a moment the great disaster that took place on Lag B’Omer 2021. The first step towards the tikkun of man is the tikkun of speech. He who corrects his speech can correct all his character traits.

The Only Solution

Let us not forget the lessons from the terrible tragedy in Meron, 2021. Now is the time to renew our commitment to fix the sin for which the Temple was destroyed - baseless hatred.

Almost in Meron

My husband and I had tickets for a bus from Beitar to Meron leaving at 1pm on Lag B'Omer. But hundreds of people were waiting, and there were no buses…

Building Bonfires

It is so easy to be introspective upon the bad we do, the mistakes we make, the misgivings we have. Yet how many of us do any introspection upon our good points?

Rashbi’s Passing

Lag B’omer is the anniversary of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s exit from the physical world. The Zohar in Idra Zuta gives a moving account of what happened…

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