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A Proven Protection

Shabbat has so many laws and details - who does not stumble from time to time? Is there any way to prevent a slipup? The Kalever Rebbe gives sure advice...

The Power of Shabbat

Want to tap into the source of all the blessings and goodness in this world and the next? The source is directly related to the quality of your Shabbat observance. 

Surviving the War

It's a real war! Each of us battles the philosophies and cultures that deny Hashem's existence. The doubts that burrow themselves in our hearts can be overcome by Shabbat.

The Most Important Ingredient

A child who feels the light of Shabbat at home, who sits at a Seder table that had not just matzahs, wine, and delicacies, but also the true light of the Exodus from Egypt the soul of such a child receives a thorough inoculation against all the generation’s temptations. And oh, don’t they need it!

Nothing Else Matters

On Shabbat, take a hard look at the chair you're sitting on, the silver Kiddush cup in your hand, and the beautiful challot on your Shabbat table. Think about where they came from...really came from!

The Power of Shabbat

Songs sung at the Shabbat table gives us the power to stir the deepest spiritual emotions in your soul, purifying your thoughts, words and actions!

Breslever Shabbat Songs

The Breslev Chassidic movement is famous for its treasury of rich and varied melodies. Music has always held a central part in the Breslev community…

In Plane Sight

"This is your pilot speaking. There are some snow flurries tonight but we'll be landing in Boston within the hour.” She shrieked; she was supposed to be flying to Baltimore...

Beloved Shabbat

Shabbat observance is not always understood by those who are looking at it from the outside. What’s it all about? Why all the rules? Here are some answers...

The Mystical Power of Shabbat

Shabbat is the mitzvah mentioned the most times in the Torah. Our Rabbis, of blessed memory, taught that all of one’s transgressions are forgiven if he keeps Shabbat properly…

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