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Coming Home from Ramallah

Dan almost choked on his matza-ball soup. Midway through the Friday-night festive meal, he discovered that his Shabbat guest was named Machmud, from the West-bank city of Ramallah…

Between the Braids

Between the braids of a home-baked Shabbat challa are the thoughts, aspirations, and personal prayers of the Jewish wife and mother…

A Jew in Training

Women have been given three mitzvot—Shabbat, family purity, and Challah. These are the three mitzvot that have kept the Jewish people intact…


By separating the challah, we can create a bridge between us and the spiritual realm, so we can draw down sustenance and blessings, and request whatever we want…

Six Plus One

A businessman who claims that his busiest day of the week is the Sabbath is mistaken. He will see neither pleasure nor benefit from seventh-day “profits.”

The Challa Deal

So she said, "G-d, I really hate making challas. BUT - I've been reading a lot about what a blessing they bring into a Jewish home. G-d, let's make a deal..."

The Shabbat Crash

Just as Hashem is patient with us, we too need to be patient with others. It’s our job to look for the good in each other before we make erroneous and regretful decisions...

The Day of Emuna

The Sabbath is an opportunity for a person to reconnect with his own soul, to get off the mad-rush carousel and ponder what life is all about...

Shabbat and Income

People think that if they work on Shabbat, they'll generate more income. The truth is the exact opposite - observing Shabbat as a day of rest generates income.

My Shabbat Host

What do you do when you're a guest in someone's home and the host starts up with the worst kind of slander and gossip? Do you nod in agreement, ignore, or jump out of the window?

The Endless Shabbat

A spiritually-minded person understands that the acquisition of materialism and physical pleasures are not an end in themselves. They are a means to connect with God…