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HaRav HaGaon Chaim Kanievsky

Date of Passing: 15-Adar. R’ Kanievsky was the leader of the Haredi community world-wide, yet he was recognized as one who loved all of Am Yisrael. May he continue to be an advocate for each Jew and for the Jewish nation from his place in Shamayim!

Meet Rabbi Arush

2 min

Meet Rabbi Shalom Arush, founder of Chut shel Chessed Institutions, and learn about his amazing story!

Rebbe Akiva

Date of Passing: 10-Tishrei. One of the greatest Tannaim, Scholars of the Mishnah. He was the Spiritual Leader of the Bar Kochva Revolt.

Moshe Rabbeinu

Date of passing: 7-Adar. Moshe was one of the greatest world leaders of all human history! In his merit, prayers and requests made on this day are especially powerful. Due to the crises in Eretz Yisrael and the dangers facing am Yisrael, Rabbi Arush asks everyone to devote extra time in prayer today. 

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