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Spiritual Murderers

The Zohar predicted that the darkness of Hellenism would return in the days before Mashiach. How clearly we can see the darkness of assimilation in our day! The Kalever Rebbe explains how to drive out our personal darkness. 

The Search

A Jew who wants to truly live his Jewishness relies on the guidance of tzaddikim in every aspect of life. They awaken within each Jew the awareness of the holiness of his Judaism that gives meaning to his existence.

The “Progressive” Culture?

Many in our society proclaim to be "progressive", "modern", and in favor of social justice. Yet, they are quick to justify murderers and terrorists! How can such a dichotomy exist within the same person? The Kalever Rebbe explains...

Holocaust Day

The Holocaust Operation

Holocaust Remembrance Day is 18-April. It's so difficult to see suffering! How can we look "through it" to see the greater good that will be born from it?

Waiting for Justice

My girlfriend told that one of the hardest things about being raised by Holocaust survivors was that nothing she ever went through evoked much sympathy…

The Tiger from Kovno

There are hero stories and there are "Kiddush Hashem" stories, but the unprecedented true story of Major General Sidney Shachnow, ob"m, combines both and tops them all…

Lag B'Omer

Let Us Make Man

We do not forget for even a moment the great disaster that took place on Lag B’Omer 2021. The first step towards the tikkun of man is the tikkun of speech. He who corrects his speech can correct all his character traits.

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