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Just a Little Candle

This might just be the most emotional and inspiring article I’ve ever written. Take a moment to read it, and realize that the fire still burns inside of you, too.

Continuing the Light

Chanukah is over; the Menorah stands empty and forlorn (or back it its box until next year). Here is how we can continue the light of Chanukah into the rest of the year!

Holocaust Day

The Tiger from Kovno

There are hero stories and there are "Kiddush Hashem" stories, but the unprecedented true story of Major General Sidney Shachnow, ob"m, combines both and tops them all…


“You are a murderer of children, and I am not afraid of you," said the little girl. That girl was Anna Burda - my very special sister…

In Polish Forest Fields

The Polish people were just as guilty as the Nazis for killing innocent Jews. The following story will show you a side of the Polish people very few of you know about…

Lag B'Omer

Almost in Meron

My husband and I had tickets for a bus from Beitar to Meron leaving at 1pm on Lag B'Omer. But hundreds of people were waiting, and there were no buses…

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