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Consequences of Chutzpah

When your children see that Torah knowledge and a life of mitzvot are something that you cherish and admire, they will model that behavior and will aspire to those same values.

Impact of Anger in the Home

Who doesn’t get angry occasionally? It’s a normal human emotion, right? The Kalever Rebbe describes the far-reaching, devastating effects of anger upon our children.

Discipline with Love

Let us never forget that every one of us is a precious and cherished child of the King of Kings. Some behaviors are simply beneath our lofty stature!

A Healthy Child

Dear readers, here is a collection of answers to a survey we conducted among men and women. The survey had only one question: Why do you want to raise children? Read about the surprising result...

A Soft Approach

The difficulties of raising children to live a Torah lifestyle are enormous. So too, influencing Jews who are distant from Torah is fraught with the danger of pushing them farther away. The Kalever Rebbe describes the approach that will be successful.

The Damage From Mixing

The Jewish values of yichud  and shomer negiah are deemed antiquated and unnecessary in today's society. What effect does that have on our children?

The “Why” of Mitzvot

What difference does it make if we understand some of the reasoning behind a mitzvah? Isn’t it enough to do them because Hashem commanded them? Knowing the “why” of mitzvot can make the difference in serving Hashem with passion and joy, or serving Him with disinterest.

Education Comes First

Every Jewish parent is concerned about how to ensure that their children will be strong in their avodat Hashem. The Kalever Rebbe gives us the formula for success.

Get to Work!

We would call someone who wants to make a living without working crazy and lazy. But when it comes to other things, suddenly we think that we can get results without working…

My Little Flower

Our children are like small, delicate flowers who need to be watered, taken care of and encouraged. But then, they will decorate our home with beauty!