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The “Why” of Mitzvot

What difference does it make if we understand some of the reasoning behind a mitzvah? Isn’t it enough to do them because Hashem commanded them? Knowing the “why” of mitzvot can make the difference in serving Hashem with passion and joy, or serving Him with disinterest.

Education Comes First

Every Jewish parent is concerned about how to ensure that their children will be strong in their avodat Hashem. The Kalever Rebbe gives us the formula for success.

Get to Work!

We would call someone who wants to make a living without working crazy and lazy. But when it comes to other things, suddenly we think that we can get results without working…

My Little Flower

Our children are like small, delicate flowers who need to be watered, taken care of and encouraged. But then, they will decorate our home with beauty!

A Mother’s Prayer

A young mother with four small children whose husband is temporarily away from home on an urgent mission cries out to Hashem, for only He can help...

Gender Bender

Wake up, parents. Your kids are being taught to question their gender in school, social media, online, and TV. Did you get that “public education” part?

Shmuel Hanavi

Many mothers prayed for righteous children, but Channa merited to have one of the most righteous. How does one merit to have a child like Shmuel the Prophet?

Precious Moments

There are times when warm words are much more necessary and are much more empowering and beneficial. With children, these times are wake-up time and bedtime...