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The True Loving Father

A young teenager with divorced parents shares his loneliness in a letter to Rabbi Lazer Brody. ” My father used to send me a plane ticket to visit him during summer...

Education with Love

In Part 1 of Rabbi Shalom Arush’s new 5-part series on child-rearing, we see how parents often take children’s behavior as a personal insult, when the child had no such intent.

Their Little World

There are three tragic, but all too common, mistakes that parents make when raising their children. If we avoid them, they grow up to give us joy in this world and the next...

The Power of Love

There was an eerie silence in the Polish orphanage. Suddenly, the Rebbe yelled from the depths of his soul, “Shma Yisroel, Hashem Elokenu Hashem Echad!”

Robots or Educated Kids?

True Torah education should produce self-motivated, educated, spiritually cognizant lovers of G-d and fellow man, and not robots. One tiny burnt fuse deactivates a robot…

Parental Guilt Trips

A veteran educator who has helped hundreds of rebellious youth come home to Judaism addresses the painful problem of parental pain and guilt in this encouraging article.

Amalek and Linda

Linda, 17, wakes up one morning, and decides that she wants to discard the ways of her upbringing. All she wants is a good time. Yet, she can’t answer her own questions…

Teen Tantrums

Parents often confuse love, which can never be too much, with spoiling. Spoiling is giving in to negative behavior and failing to maintain clear boundaries…

The Worst Sin

Anyone who says that murder is the worst sin in the world is wrong - child abuse is. At least with murder, the victim is dead and doesn’t have to suffer so much pain…