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Be a Role Model

Your family needs to see how happy you are when you study Torah! If they see this joy, they will surely follow your example. However, if they see you focusing on other matters, it won't help to tell them to learn because you've shown them that you have different priorities in your life. 

Social Distancing

Do not seek out and learn from the non-Jewish culture — by what they define as permitted behavior, as "good." Society encourages us to accept everyone as a friend, even when that person is behaving immorally. 

Growing Old Gracefully

We're older now and have adult children. Perhaps they look at us as as old-fashioned, not with-it, and unable to keep up with the pace of life and the latest technology. How do we interpret this? What is our role now?

The Danger of Anger 

The pervasive anger that we see everywhere – what's the cause and can it have far-reaching effects on the Jewish home? The Kalever Rebbe explains...

Abba – Improve Your Performance! 

Leaders of the Jewish nation are not elected. The sole prerequisite is to know how to connect to the spirit of every Jew. Every Jew must work to acquire the character traits of a leader of the Jewish People since every one of us is a leader in our sphere of influence.

Bringing the Children Back to Life

A happy life is a life of meaning, where the heart is alive. Attaching yourself to a tzaddik is the key to having a living heart. You start to live, and you also protect your children’s hearts. Even if they have already started to drop away, you can perform "CPR" on them and save their lives.

Searching for Crumbs

Passover cleaning, kids, crumbs everywhere, pressure...IIEEEE! How do we properly deal with our children when we are under the pressure of Passover cleaning?

Precise Weaponry

He's just a child...what do you want from him? Without a proper Jewish education, a child will develop bad habits and lack boundaries, which the child will never  "outgrow".    

Illuminating the Home

The world offers the faithful Jew a false morality, a tempting world of wisdom, enormous salaries, and attractive culture pastimes. What can we do to inoculate our children against them?

Our Heroines

When you think of the Geula (final redemption), do you think of a mighty hero who comes to make radical, sudden changes in the world? Our Sages give us a surprisingly different picture...

Catch Them Doing Something Right

If you see someone doing something admirable, give him immediate and specific feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions! When you see the good in others, you’ll see the good in yourself!

Why Attack Our Schools?

Imagine this scene... thousands upon thousands of people stand like "one person with one heart". This picture describes two conflicting groups: Am Yisrael at Har Sinai, and the masses who are lured by society to fulfill their animalistic drives.   

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