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The Ripple Effect

I had dipped in and out of self-pity that I was 35 years old and not married yet. However, after hearing Rabbi Arush speak that night in Las Vegas, my life changed…

The Power of a Mitzvah

Whenever we see G-d’s hand reach down to us, it is fitting and proper for us to reach up and grab it. Then it makes perfect sense to never stop saying thank You…

The Miracle Twins

“I’m sorry to tell you, Mrs. Shaw, but you’re carrying a monster – in cases like this, we urge the expectant mother to abort. There’s no chance on earth that this fetus can live.”

My Miracle Baby

The baby’s heart rate kept dropping and they prepared her for the operating room. Our worst fear was actualizing, Heaven forbid. Tears began flowing down my wife's face...

A Safe Delivery

The doctors told Monica that she could never have children. With no children, she and her husband Eric couldn’t face living in Israel anymore. So they went to Toronto…

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