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Shevi’i shel Pesach – Splitting Our Personal Yam Suf

On Shevi’i shel Pesach, Nachshon ben Aminadav’s emuna brought about the survival of an entire nation. Imagine that your emuna, your personal holiness, your interpersonal relationships, your teshuva can save every Jew on the planet! It is an auspicious time when the Creator helps us make new beginnings. Let’s take advantage of this opportune time!

Keep the Excitement

The “extras” we do in the course of performing mitzvot are rewarded in this world. What are those “extras”? We are rewarded for the amount of preparation, excitement, passion, joy, and love that we invest in a mitzvah.

Get it Right

Pesach Sheni: It is the most incredible concept – you can do something now, to change the past! Hashem gives you another chance to fix it. Just ask!

Pesach: Wake Up!

Rebbe Nachman teaches that stories can awaken people from spiritual slumber. One of the main mitzvot on Seder night is to tell the story of the Exodus…

The Relevance of Passover

Without the Torah, we cannot be free. We will remain slaves to other gods whether they are our animal souls, our bosses, our addictions or our smart phones…

Dawn of Freedom

Rabbi Lazer Brody says that if you need salvation, try putting your hand on your heart for a few seconds and contemplate: “There is no one but Hashem and He loves me!”…