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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

Who Wants Mashiach – Redeeming Prayer
6 min

Why wait for Mashiach to come when you can experience redemption NOW? Our individual and national redemption depend on prayer. So, if you make prayer the focus and goal of your life, you can already experience redemption.

Mashiach – Not What You Had in Mind!
38 min view

Rabbi Arush talks about the awesome power of one's teshuva (repentance) to help the entire world - in both the heavenly realms and the earthly realms, both before Divine Judgment is sent and after. Hashem deeply desires our teshuva, so do hitbodedut (personal prayer with cheshbon hanefesh)! Everything depends on daily teshuva and strengthening emuna!

Who Wants Mashiach – Yemot HaMashiach
5 min

Redemption is a long and sometimes difficult process, both on the personal level and on the national level. Redemption is the process of tikkun (rectification). Rabbi Arush explains what we can do to effect our personal redemption-before the Mashiach arrives.