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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

The Thing We Lack Most 
6 min

The Temple is a reflection of the true Jewish home that brings its members closer to each other and closer to Hashem. This is why we desperately need the Beit HaMikdash today, in our world of darkness and distance from Hashem.

Just Want to Be Happy! |Rabbi Arush
2 min view

When someone wants something - he gets it. The most important thing is to be happy - and to want to be happy! Rabbi Arush explains - very important video for anyone struggling with depression or anxiety!

Emuna Without Daat Won’t Last Long
48 min view

Rabbi Arush reminds us to do everything for the merit of all the People of Israel - following the example of Rabbi David of Lelov. He explains how Daat (divine wisdom) is essential to one's emuna. Questions: Can Noahides learn Rabbi's books, spiritual root of gluten intolerance, modesty issue with women's shiurim on YouTube, dependance on daily mann for just today.