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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

God of Rebbe Meir, Answer Me!
1 min view

On Pesach Sheni, we can visit Rebbe Meir Baal HaNes' grave site in Tiveria. If you cannot come, send your request for prayers to Rabbi Shalom Arush. He will pray on behalf of you and your dear ones at the tomb on this auspicious day!

The Geula is Here, Part 2
25 min view

Rabbi Arush talks about the upcoming Lag B'Omer celebration and the importance of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai's wisdom that he brought to the world. Rabbi Arush stressed the need to pray for Mashiach and how to pray for a merciful redemption. If you want to bring the Mashiach, get involved in emuna outreach!

Joie de Vivre – You’ve Got It 
5 min

Emuna means that Hashem loves us! Often, people who are seemingly baalei emuna get stuck at “It is Hashem’s will”. They don’t move on to the deep emuna that brings about true joyfulness. Our efforts during Sefirat HaOmer can help move us in the right direction.