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The Workaholic Husband

Her husband is constantly going on business trips and not rushing home. When he is home, he just yells at her and the kids they don’t appreciate him enough…

Start Listening

She needs you - to listen to her, to care about her. Through this, you receive great abundance! Rabbi Shalom Arush reveals to us the secret of livelihood.

She Married the Wrong Man

There are so many factors that Hashem takes into consideration when pairing up soulmates in marriage, more than we can even begin to understand. But, He doesn’t make mistakes…

The Four Wives

Racheli brings us a beautiful and humorous parable about the soul, the most neglected part of our lives. They’re the ones we think of least and care for the least...

How to Kill Your Marriage

"He’s constantly criticizing me, putting me down, making fun of me or just ignoring me. As soon as he gets home he’s on his phone checking his emails, answering me with grunts…"

What Men Want

Yes, you, man out there. You don’t even know what it is you want. And if you do, and you can prove that you knew the answer before you read this article, I’ll send you a prize…

A Head Start in Life

Parents with pure hearts and minds who desire to bring pure children into the world for the sake of Heaven, give their children the very best chances of success in this world…