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Where is Your Mishkan?

How important is peace in the home? Everyone would agree that it's very important. So why is peace in Jewish homes going downhill? Because some things are even more important - like "truth" and "justice"! Rabbi Arush explains...

Catch Them Doing Something Right

If you see someone doing something admirable, give him immediate and specific feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions! When you see the good in others, you’ll see the good in yourself!

Building a New World 

It often seems that society is so sick, so lost, so corrupt that there is no chance of rehabilitation. But is that really so? Rabbi Arush offers a solution to heal our society. 

Impact of Anger in the Home

Who doesn’t get angry occasionally? It’s a normal human emotion, right? The Kalever Rebbe describes the far-reaching, devastating effects of anger upon our children.

Soulmate… or Suffering? 

A reader asks - how does Hashem determine who is happily married to their real soulmate, and who suffers with a miserable spouse? And what can you do to get the former and not the latter?

Money Isn’t Everything

Along with the great importance of studying self-help books and taking their advice, we must know that success in maintaining peace in the home comes from a completely different place.  Where?

The Holy Hour

The greatest remedy for sadness in this world isn’t comfort. It isn’t escape. It’s giving. Hashem takes great joy in giving. The greatest gift He gives is a life of giving.

The Workaholic Husband

Her husband is constantly going on business trips and not rushing home. When he is home, he just yells at her and the kids they don’t appreciate him enough…

Start Listening

She needs you - to listen to her, to care about her. Through this, you receive great abundance! Rabbi Shalom Arush reveals to us the secret of livelihood.

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