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Devon’s Story

Society asks itself what good is a little ten-year old in a wheelchair? He’s a very special emissary of Hashem, helping us to correct ourselves.

Outpouring of the Soul

Could it be that Hashem wants us to beg for the safety of Israel to change us? To strengthen our relationship with Him? To make us think about...

A Verdant View

Springtime in Georgia – flowering dogwood, blossoming cherry trees, flashy azaleas, and chandelier-like wisteria blossoms...

Confessions of a Scoffer

I have a confession to make. I have no idea what a Super Delegate is. And here’s the embarrassing part. My mother was actually a real live Delegate in the last presidential...

Kung Fu Grip

The “Kung Fu Grip” is the Yetzer’s way of making us hold on tight to all the things that enslave us. But, we can combat the Yetzer with our own weapons…

Soul Food

How is it that a Psalm composed thousands of years ago can so perfectly describe, in so many ways, what is going on in the world right now?

The Anti-Brady Bunch

Hashem produces more interesting and gripping scenarios than our Yetzer Hara does, but we have to be willing to play in His movie, where we’re the stars.

Revolution by Botox

Loyalty, patience, a giant heart, resilience, forgiveness, optimism, humility, and faith turn charisma and flirty charm into cheap costume jewelry.

Making Some Space

The day a fellow teacher praised me for my patience I kind of gasped. To acquire any quantity of that precious quality makes you feel Vanderbilt rich.

We Are With Him

In as much as we are committed to Hashem, in as much as we cleave to Him, we are put aside as His. And if this is the case, Hashem will listen when we call.

Sorry, Mister Missionary

Alice Jonsson didn’t become a Torah-lover because someone knocked on her door or forced a pamphlet on her. No one conned her, or got into a spiritual tug-of-war with her…

Moments of Triumph

Alice Jonsson draws on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings to show that positive thinking lifts us to new heights. Imagine your glorious dream moment of triumph – it’s within your reach!

Nest Builders

Have you ever heard of a bird refusing to build a nest? There’s no such thing, nor do they whine or seem unhappy. What do they know that we don’t?