Menachem Av and Elul

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Signs of Summer

Along with the heat and the massive temptation to misuse our limbs, our eyes, and our minds, the summer ushers in the bloom of the dates, the pomegranates, and the olives.

Labor of Love

Labor Day is a day to recognize and acknowledge that we toil. For some of us it is a day when we feel sorry for working so hard at the expense of family and community…

Forgiveness in Five

When Hashem arranges for someone to insult or humiliate us, especially in the month of Elul or during the High Holidays, it's like winning the Irish lottery. Here's why…

Choose Your Passport

When we see how a man’s actions are judged by his fellow man versus how he is judged by Hashem, we see the lie unfold and the Truth revealed…

The Taste for Life

In these final weeks of Elul before Rosh Hashana, a person should be engaging in serious self-assessment. What are we doing on earth? What's it all for?

The Anti-Arrogance Tool

We are tested at every moment; that's why we must listen so carefully to the inner voice that asks, "Where are you?" Do we have an answer? Do we know our true place in life?

They’re All Beautiful

Tu B'Av: Rebbe Yishmael ben Elisha had special compassion for the poor girls of marital age who couldn't find a match because they lacked the wherewithal to provide a dowry...

Everything in Place

Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Moharan 35 that according to the Zohar, the meaning of “teshuva” (repentance) is to restore all things to their proper place...

Daily Payments

We certainly don't want to go into Rosh Hashana with an entire ledger of "unpaid spiritual bills". Now is the time to clear ourselves of debt...

The Greatest Act of Love

What can we do during the month of Elul to not only better ourselves, but to create a climate that's ripe for Moshiach and the full redemption of our people?

First Step to Ascent

With Elul almost here, our first priority must be self-correction, for this is the time of year that's so especially conducive for it. Let's take the first step...

The Cramming Syndrome

Richie and Susan had a fantastic spring semester, with plenty of time for tennis, golf and bike-riding; before they knew it, they faced a final exam in Organic Chemistry 202...