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Boss Blues

My boss is a very difficult personality to deal with and the pain and pressure that he has inserted into my life have carried over onto many areas of my life...

Can Do Part 2

One of the nicest things about Can-Do people is that they don’t blame anyone when they do not get their desired results. Just as “be postive” is an attitude and not just...

Can Do

Can-Do People can be great to be around. They are upbeat and can give you the feeling that anything is possible. They can make life seem worth living, and they tend to...

Hashem in the Driver’s Seat

“I'm not looking at my dreams in the distance as they fade into gray while I sit and watch my friends achieve them. Hashem IS driving my life, and the essential...

Save My Space

Hashem times everything to the exact second – nothing happens one instant before or after it’s supposed to. So, don’t worry about the roadblocks in life…

Flight Control

What does Hashem leave to our own personal effort? Are the flight traffic controllers up in the tower really the ones who decide who takes off and who lands?

Believing in Yourself

If an athlete doesn’t believe that he can win, he shouldn’t be on the team. An F-16 pilot in a $60-million jet fighter who thinks he’s a nothing is a threat to national security.

Finding Your Way

Every human is irreplaceable, for each person is a distinct conglomerate of qualities and aptitudes that enable him to do a special task in this world that no one else can do.

Nutrients for the Soul

What does it mean to be satisfied with your lot in life? Even when things aren't going your way, you're still happy, because you know that Hashem knows what He's doing.


With emuna, we know that all our difficulties in life are simply cobblestones in the path of life that Hashems designates for us, all tailor-made and all for the very best.

Income Insurance

Difficulties in making a living are Hashem's messages that we must learn emuna. When we strive for emuna on our own initiative, Hashem takes the sweat out of making a living.

Don’t Be Afraid

There are situations in which people who are out to harm us really do seem to have power. Even more, sometimes it even feels like we are being given into their hand. Why?