Thank You Changes Nature

If a problem has no recourse, you need a solution that is above nature. Use the Chok Todah, because by thanking Hashem, you connect with Hashem Who is above nature.

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 29.06.20

Shalom aleichemhello to everyone,  

I left my house to go to the yeshiva, it’s less than a blockA man got out of his car and called out, “Honorable RabbiHonorable  Rabbi!”  It  was the first time I ever saw him. 

The man said, “I’ve been looking for you for so long. 

I replied, “Happy to help, what can I do for you? 

He explained that he and his wife did not have children for seven years. Eventually the doctor told her, “There is no way you will have children. 

His wife asked the doctor, “Could write this down for me?” The doctor replied, “Sure, I’ll write down the findings.” The doctor took his stationary and wrote down the  findings   proving   that  she  cannot have children.  

She took the paper, said thank you very much, and left.  

She then started with thanking Hashem. Master of  the  Universe! Look, here’s what the doctor said imy situation. Thank You, Master of the universethis is what You want. Everything You do with me is for the very bestI thank You very much that I have no way to have children. I thank You for this.  

A daddy loves his son; a daddy loves his daughter. If this is what You have decided, then it must be in my best  interest. Thank You, Master of the Universe.” 

And then she went and did the Chok Todah (Law of Thank You). Every single day – and on the 30th day – and she became pregnant.  

Because saying thank you, changes nature! 

Thanking Hashem opens all the gatesWhen  someone  says  thank  you  for something he does not have, for that which he lacks, and he truly believes in Hashem – “If this  is  what  You  want, if this is what You did with me, it’s certainly for my best because a father only does the best for his son!” – then he connects with the blessings in the world.  

This woman said thank you that she could not have children and that connected her to the Creator of the Universe. The Creator is the one who gives children. So He opened for her the gates of fertility. 

If there is something that has no recourse, then you need a solution that is above nature. Only say thank  you!  Because by thanking Hashem, you connect  with the Creator Who is above nature, Who is above all natural laws. 

Therefore, everyone needs to learn why and how to thank Hashem. The Chok Todah (Law of Thank You) is to  say  thank  You  for  15  minutes for what you lackSomeone who has no children,  should  thank  Hashem  that he is childlessSomeone who is not married says thank You that he is still singleSomeone who is sick, says thanks Hashem that he is sick. Each person according to their troubles. 

After you finish the 15 minutes of saying thank you to Hashem, say Psalm 100 in the Book of Psalms – a Psalm  of  Thanksgiving,  Mizmor  L’Todah.  Say this psalm eight times straight. 

The law works! Know that the law works! 

Smile! Do the Law of Thank You, you will have every salvation! Amen! 

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