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Hidden Hero

Gideon Lichtman taught under the assumed name of "Rimon" after Israeli President Ezer Weizman warned him that he could be a target for Arab assassination…


Ben wanted to be one of those guys, but he knew that he had little chance of being accepted to Golani. He was out of shape and almost 90 pounds overweight…

The Humble Hero

1st Sergeant Michael Levin ob"m was Hashem's messenger to arouse young American Jewry to the importance of being committed to our holy homeland; he paid the ultimate price...

David and the Syrian Goliath

Tel Facher was the site of an impregnable Syrian bunker that made the lives of Galilee residents miserable for almost two decades. The Golan Heights was conquered. Read the story of a soldier who fought - and fell - in that battle. 

Mighty Machlouf

For Israel Memorial Day: The story of an unsung hero and true Chassid in every sense of the word, who paid the ultimate price to save the life of a comrade in arms...

My Buddy’s Eyes

Rebbe Akiva’s 24,000 students died because of sin’at chinam, hatred for no reason. Rabbi Lazer Brody tells an opposite story of the brotherly love between 2 wounded soldiers...

Nachshon Wachsman

At that time I did not have the "luxury" of breaking down. We were all mobilized for the next four days, 24 hours a day, to do everything in our power...

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