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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

Critical Advice During War | Rabbi Arush
2 min view

God is bringing the world to a state where there will be no advice, no help, nothing to do except pray and speak to God! Start now! A MUST WATCH FOR OUR DIFFICULT TIMES!

Define the Target
6 min

Our goal on Leil HaSeder is that our children will become bigger believers, truly trusting in Hashem’s goodness, speaking with Hashem at every step, and always looking forward to the Geula and yeshua, in those days, at this time. 

Pesach – Miracles Then and Now
28 min view

A night of revealed miracles - Iran attacked Israel on motzei Shabbat with a massive barrage of deadly missiles. Nevertheless, no one was killed and only one person was injured! What are miracles and how do they work they way they do? We must never let these miracles become "old". A MUST-WATCH!