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History Repeats Itself

In these times, when it is harder for everyone to make a living, let's pay more attention to our friends: listen to them, encourage them, be considerate. Give more tzedaka and help. Read an unbelievable, true story of such a person...

Giving is Living 

As we progress through the three weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple and our extended exile, let’s remember that the cause is baseless hatred. This can only be remedied by fostering love of Yisrael, both within ourselves and others.

20-20 Blindsight

What an amazing filter we can apply to our vision of others so that we are "blind" to their faults! How much clearer our vision would be. How much good we could do for the Jewish nation!

Open Your Eyes

Shabbat Chazon, the Shabbat before 9th of Av, is an auspicious time to focus on love and unity in the Jewish people and the entire world. READ RABBI ARUSH'S SPECIAL MESSAGE...

Ronen, Ruth, and Redemption

Perhaps in light of losing Ronen and the fast approaching commemoration of the Temples’ destruction, we could find it in ourselves to strengthen our love between each other…

A Beautiful World

You wouldn't expect this to be the title of an article for the Three Weeks. But instead of lamenting, let’s become proactive and rectify the reason why we lost our Holy Temple…

The Ring

The argument about who found the ring nearly tore the family apart. The brothers began feuding with each other and then their wives joined in too…

The Toothpick Salvation

Shabbat Chazon: Isaiah the Prophet told us that the root of all our problems is that we don’t pay attention to Hashem’s loving-kindness and thank Him. Even a simple toothpick can be a messenger of Hashem's loving kindness.

Rebuilding the Holy Temple

When we build ourselves - act ethically, honor the Shabbat, dress appropriately, pray with feeling, and give charity - we build our world from the inside out...

Tisha B’Av, Why?

Living emuna demands that we change our vision and start believing that Hashem actively guides us from moment to moment in every aspect of our lives...

Why Another Tisha B’Av?

Hashem leads us down the path that we choose for ourselves. If we made more of an effort to discover the joy of Judaism, maybe we'd rejoice on Tisha B'av...

The Better Friend

Every effort we make at perfecting our character and bettering ourselves has a wonderful effect on our entire nation, especially when the better person becomes the better friend...

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