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Basic Book of Jewish Mysticism; written by Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai in the Galilean Cave, during his period of enforced hiding from the Romans. Bar Yochai...

Shlomo HaMelech

King Solomon, son of David HaMelech, King David. Shlomo carried out the dream of his father, to build the Beit HaMikdash, the Temple, in about 1,000 B.C.E.


The Biblical character, the main character in "Sefer Iyov," the Book of Job, which contains perhaps the classic discussion of "theodicy," why...

Eishet Chayil

Composed by Shlomo Hamelech, Eishet Chayil (Mishlei 31:10-31) is recited on Friday night, after 'Shalom Aleichem" and prior to reciting Kiddush.


Gehinnom refers, generally, to a limited-time experience (Edyos 2:10) in the afterlife where the soul is purged of its blemishes...


A righteous man (for the female equivalent, see "Tzidkanit") - based on the Hebrew word "Tzedek," or Justice. The Jewish hero is not the swashbuckling warrior...

Ezra HaSofer

Ezra the Scribe; a great leader of the Jewish People at the time of the building of the "Second Temple," in approximately year 516 B.C.E.


An act of kindness. It was said by Shimon HaTzaddik (Simon the Righteous) that the world continues to exist because of...


Nechemia appears in 13 chapters of Tanach in which he leads the people of Israel back to Jerusalem, following orders to that effect from...


First of the "Avot," the "Founding Fathers" of the Jewish People. Father of the Jewish People in particular and, by...


One of the "Imahot," "Founding Mothers" of the Jewish People; younger sister of Leah, daughter of Lavan, beloved wife of Yaakov...


Yechezkel, the Prophet Ezekiel, who prophesied by the River Kvar in Babylon to the Jewish Exiles who were depressed and dispirited concerning the fate of their People...

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