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When All Else Fails

You've seen it all. Nothing phases you anymore. And then you get the shock of your life! After you recover a bit, you look to find the hidden message...

Chapter of Man (פרשת המן)

Do you need a good income? The commentators cite the Talmud Yerushalmi that one who recites this chapter on the Tuesday of Parshat Beshalach is assured that his sustenance will not be lacking.

The Income Test of Emuna

Most people can't believe that anything other than their efforts and talent help them succeed. When we think like this we're in real trouble, and really vulnerable as well...

The Big Forfeit

Naval the Carmelite was a wealthy person who refused to give King David’s soldiers bread and water. Ultimately, Naval lost everything, his life and his wife…

Fast Money

Coming into big money fast, such as winning the lottery, making the dream deal on the futures market or receiving an inheritance, is a very difficult test of emuna.

The Gambler

One hundred people hear that Joe Shmoe made a fortune overnight playing the dice. The Yetzer suckers them into believing that they too can become “big rollers”…

Juggling Money

Trouble starts when a person invests large sums that he doesn’t have, needs expensive financing, over-staffs, and invests in unwarranted expenditures.