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Lion of Fire

This emotional dream illustrates the Jewish people’s present situation. "On the ground" the situation appears hopeless, as if there is no sense in...

Connected Above

The astonished lads yelled in the direction of the old chassid, "Hey, how did you get up there?" The chassid's answer sums up our entire way of life...

Diamond Earrings

A poignant story with a special moral to it. Chasing the amenities of the material world, we’re all like little children playing with costume jewelry ...

The Need to Pray

“I’m not big on meditation and all that stuff. But the prayers that I pray - they’re my own concoction - makes me feel at peace with creation…”

The Final Struggle

The spiritual struggles of our generation are so difficult that our sages said, “Let Mashiach come, but we don't want to be a part of that generation…”

Above the Stars

A squad of 12 Israeli paratroopers organized a midnight séance. They ushered in the soul of their sergeant’s grandfather. The soul said, "Tomorrow, you guys will be joining me…"

The Double Odyssey

Our neighbors in the American Jewish community we lived in didn't want to understand such things as emuna and talking to Hashem. They thought I was losing my mind…

The Tiny Voice

Let’s go away from the war in Gaza for now and listen to the tiny voice within us that is begging to be heard above the explosion of the bombs or the bustle of the big city…