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Drinking From the Elixir of Life 

Shem, Noach’s son, pursued doing what is right in Hashem’s eyes. As a result of building a relationship with the Eternal, death is not mentioned when describing Shem’s descendants. What’s the lesson for us today?

All in The Name

Prayer can be frustrating and disappointing. Instead of an intimate meeting with your loving Father, you find yourself chasing after the most ridiculous thoughts. Can anything be done to keep your focus??

Hashem’s One Word

When you recite a bracha (blessing) with focus and intent, you change the world! That’s what your prayer can do: Draw God’s presence from the hidden to the openly revealed. Image the influence that you have to make the world a better place!

Remember How to Pray

Praying to God was empowering. He blessed me with strength. When it became routine, I didn't remember how to pray. I lost it all. Here’s how I got it back.

The Constant Battle

Helping or hurting? Merciful or cruel? We have a constant battle within ourselves to decide if our “good deed” is truly good or if it will end in tragedy.

Holy Focus

Who isn’t distracted during prayers by what’s happening in his life? Here are some strategies to maintain focus during prayer.

Life as a Program

Is Hashem the Master Programmer and we’re His programs running in His cosmic computer system? Or are we the master programmers trying to run our own lives?