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The Power of Bitachon

As my trust in Hashem grew, He showed me evidence that He hears and listens to me. Even a bird perched on a treetop can be Hashem’s messenger in these conversations! 

No Excuses

People make excuses to avoid growing their spirituality, and then they use reasoning to justify their behavior. However, they do not apply that same reasoning to other areas of their life. How do we break these excuses? The Kalever Rebbe explains... 

How to Win When You’re Losing

After three winning seasons, the coach forecast that his team was about to fail. Sure enough, the other “losing” team won the next year’s championship. What lessons from the coach’s strategy can we apply to our own wins and losses in teshuvah? 

Hashem’s Angels

We can create thousands of Hashem's angels through our prayers and mitzvot.   These angels can reach the darkest places and transform every Jew.

The Greatest Return 

Investments, risks, returns, net worth... Can one be a venture capitalist with Hashem? YES! And setting up a relationship with Hashem is a sure bet! 

The Myth of Invincibility

In today’s modern world, it’s easy to feel no need for Hashem – we can do everything. Despite feeling invincible, we control nothing. Hashem’s greatest gift to us is when He makes clear to us that He’s the invincible one!

Life with Hashem is a Life 

Change one bad behavior and discover the greatness that was always buried inside. Take on a life of mitzvot, and you force yourself to stop doing all the things that kept you from your own personal greatness. 


People around you are reaching the stars while you're mired in muck? Don't hate someone because they’re more successful than you. It is a gift from God and an opportunity to show Him your emuna in His just world.

The Secret of the Inn

When people study Torah together and are engaged in holy conversations, the physical space is infused with holiness and purity. In turn, those people will excel and grow in holiness.

Take God’s Hand – Part 1

Rabbi Arush teaches that if you receive anything that you did not pray to receive, it will end up being a punishment! What's the big deal? Why should you be punished for receiving something that you didn’t ask Hashem for?  

Guest Rabbi

A guest rabbi always has something new to offer that the local rabbi does not, even if the community is blessed with a rabbi who is a tremendous Torah scholar.

Morale Booster

In today’s stressful world, we can all use some encouragement and optimism. But where do we get that? From the Exodus story!

Revitalizing Our Prayers

Our main work during Sefirat Ha’Omer in preparation for receiving the Torah is to improve interpersonal relationships. It's important to set aside time for prayer for Am Yisrael and to do acts of kindness. How can we energize ourselves to do that when we already have a packed daily schedule?

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