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Venahafoch Hu – Soon by You!

Not every day is Purim! Not every day are we given an opportunity to simply ASK for Hashem’s blessings and our requests are granted. Purim is a day when not only are all our deficiencies upended, but we receive an abundance! Don’t waste Purim- ASK! 

From Redemption to Prayer

The great power of the Jewish people is their ironclad emuna that cannot be influenced by any sorrow or suffering. The best gauge of a one’s emuna is his prayer. With strong emuna, one's prayer can bring miracles.

Much More Than Groggers

It seems that everyone is facing deep anxieties during these days of tremendous upheaval. Whether one lives in Eretz Yisrael or abroad, the turmoil grows from day to day. How does one deal with this? Rabbi Arush’s advice is not just for Purim...

Three Russian Defeats

Although Purim is past, our private war with Amalek continues unabated. What timeless messages can we learn from Mordecai and our tzaddikim to help us win the war?

Purim and Amalek

The light of Purim shines from the beginning of the 13th of Adar through the end of Shushan Purim! This is the perfect time to start investing in truly serving Hashem with all our hearts! Take advantage of these special days when no request is refused!

What is Endless Joy? 

How can you achieve being truly happy for another? Only by praying for the Jewish people! If you take on this prayer as a personal commitment, another Jew’s joy becomes your own personal joy.

When Helping Hurts

It's easy to become distracted by the horrific realities of current events. Nevertheless, we must keep our focus on ensuring that Jews don't abandon Torah and mitzvot. This is the lesson from Mordecai!

A Fateful Decision

I knew about the greatness of Purim and its holiness and about the greatness of joy on that day. On the other hand, I was aware of the widespread phenomena of drunk people who lose their human dignity. I found a sure-fire way to maintain an atmosphere of yirat Shamayim without reaching a state of dissoluteness and silliness.  

Purim Recipes

Celebrate Purim with these delicious recipes! This year, Purim is close to Shabbat, so time spent cooking and baking is at a premium. We selected recipes that are easy and quick to make, and can be made ahead.

As the Month of Salvations Approaches

The main thing in the Mishkan was that the Jewish people felt they were all partners in this endeavor. Everyone contributed and engaged in the work according to his or her skills and abilities. How can we return to that level of unity today?

Remembering the Half Shekel

When it comes to the holiness in every Jew, we are all equal. Fulfilling the mitzvah of remembering the machatzit hashekel offering assures protection and atonement to each individual and to the Jewish nation as a whole.

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