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The Price of a Miracle

So far, Israel’s $50,000-per-piece hi-tech, state-of-the-art defense missiles haven’t been able to stop the $50-per-piece Gaza-garage produced Kassam missiles.

My Purim Miracle

By the time we realized we didn’t have any food for our Seuda, all the stores were closed. Busy with a new infant, and still adjusting to the new country…

The Holiest Day

What would you think is the holiest day of the year? Yom Kippur? Shavuot? Amazingly enough, Purim surpasses both; it’s a day when you can change your life dramatically…

Haman… Back Already?

Our inner Haman gets more sophisticated as we become more spiritually aware, and traps us with far more subtle forms of ingratitude and narrow-mindedness...

Messianic Labor Pains

The terrorist attack in Itamar,the recent natural disasters, and the political upheaval in the Arab world are all "contractions" that precede the birth of a new era...

The Turnaround

Haman represents a gloomy and dismal existence. The exile seems to continue without end and even if we have maintained any hope the reality always seems to slap us in the face.

The Holy Drunkard

On Purim we break down all the good manners of the world. We are real. And if you are real, you can be drunk and still be real, still be holy, still be on the highest level…

Joy with Awe

The amazing succession of events that led up to our national salvation from certain calamity on Purim all took place within the realm of natural law...

Above the Sun

How can King Solomon, the wisest of all men that ever walked the face of the earth, say that there's nothing new under the sun? Was there Google Search in his time?