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When Helping Hurts

It's easy to become distracted by the horrific realities in the Ukraine. Nevertheless, we must keep our focus on ensuring that Jews don't abandon Torah and mitzvot. This is the lesson from Mordecai!

A Fateful Decision

I knew about the greatness of Purim and its holiness and about the greatness of joy on that day. On the other hand, I was aware of the widespread phenomena of drunk people who lose their human dignity. I found a sure-fire way to maintain an atmosphere of yirat Shamayim without reaching a state of dissoluteness and silliness.  

Purim Recipes

Celebrate Purim with these delicious recipes! This year, Purim is followed closely by Shabbat, so time spent cooking and baking is at a premium. We selected recipes that are easy and quick to make, can be made ahead, and can also be used at a Shabbat meal.

As the Month of Salvations Approaches

The main thing in the Mishkan was that the Jewish people felt they were all partners in this endeavor. Everyone contributed and engaged in the work according to his or her skills and abilities. How can we return to that level of unity today?

Remembering the Half Shekel

When it comes to the holiness in every Jew, we are all equal. Fulfilling the mitzvah of remembering the machatzit hashekel offering assures protection and atonement to each individual and to the Jewish nation as a whole.

God’s Time Out

Hester panim is not Hashem telling us that He hates us and can’t stand us – it’s the greatest revelation of Hashem’s love for us that there could possibly be!!!

See Hashem!

The time of the Megillah reading is an awesome and holy time – this is no time for firecrackers! Instead, come learn how to see Hashem and get huge miracles on Purim…

Holy Purim Night

Many people think that the night of Purim is for partying – but the night of Purim is actually a secret time to change your life… Rabbi Arush teaches us how!

Separated, or One

The illumination and influence of each festival in Judaism recurs each year and influences the events of our lives. This is testimony to the eternal truth of Torah…

Esther’s Secret

Unlike her uncle Mordechai the tzaddik who was "in Haman's face" by refusing to bow down to him, Esther convinced Haman into believing that she was his best friend…

The Non-Negotiable Knee

Like the proverbial snowball at the top of the hill, once it begins rolling downward, it becomes a dangerous avalanche. We know how it starts, but we don't know how it will end…

Amalek LCD

No, contemporary Amalek is not a terrorist with a dagger between his teeth or a suicide belt of explosives. He looks innocent, actually resembling a harmless geek…

Radar in Adar

Although the Purim story line involves what appears to be many coincidences and random occurrences as opposed to outright miracles, the Hand of Hashem is arranging it all…