Emuna Means Thank You

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Leah’s Song

The Jewish people – Yehudim – are named after Leah’s fourth child Yehuda, which in Hebrew is “to give thanks.” Expressing gratitude to Hashem is therefore our national endeavor.

Putting Logic Aside

There’s an important law to remember under fire: when you’re in the middle of a super-stress situation, put logic aside. When your brain tells you there’s no hope, don’t listen!

Flow of Abundance

Expressing our gratitude to Hashem heals the soul and opens all the channels of spiritual and physical abundance that were clogged. We are then showered with prosperity...

Hands of Emuna

It's not enough to have emuna in our brains or hearts; Rebbe Nachman says that emuna should be our dominant force that permeates every limb of our bodies...

A New Light

In this world, we have separate blessings for the good and the seemingly bad, but in the world-to-come, there's only one blessing; that's the new light...

Growth Power

Just like a seed that grows in fertile ground, emuna is the growth medium for personal growth. With emuna, nothing can harm a person - nothing!


Actually, the finite body is a mere metaphor of the infinite soul. In that case, could there be such an entity as a spiritual immune system that guards the health of the soul?

Anti-Emuna Emuna

Complaining about our collective suffering is the exact antithesis of emuna! If we thank Hashem for our collective suffering, we will experience the redemption.

Attitude of Gratitude

Rabbi Shalom Arush teaches that by instilling an attitude of gratitude we can construct the road out of this exile and ultimately end all our suffering...