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Hitbodedut (Personal Prayer)

The Art of Talking With God

How do you begin to create an intimate relationship with the One you love? By speaking often to your Beloved, calling your loved One by name, praising...

Cash Only

Ronny the flashy day-trader drives a new Audi A4 convertible with a supercharged 2300 CC engine; he certainly won't let some Haredi nerd preach to him…

The Chafetz Chaim’s Hitbodedut

People think that hitbodedut – personal prayer – is some kind of Breslever nuance. The Chafetz Chaim spent 2 hours a day in personal prayer and implores others to do the same.

Holiness for Men and Women

A Modest Proposal

If modesty is such a high priority for women in a Torah society, I ask, why don't we wear thick veils over our faces, and gloves to cover our hands?

Jewish Daily Life and Halacha


Through these commandments we're able to cleave to God with the entirety of our selves. Just because we live in a state of not knowing, it doesn't mean that we...

Shmita and Trust

If I don't have air conditioning, does it means that I am not supposed to have air conditioning? If I only have one nice dress for Yom Tov...