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Hitbodedut (Personal Prayer)

Where to Begin?

All beginnings of anything are difficult, but all the more so with hitbodedut (personal prayer). Read Rabbi Arush's great advice that really works!

A Winning Defense Strategy

Elul ... Rosh Hashanah ... teshuvah ... judgment... Who doesn't have inner resistance to taking stock of his life? After all, I have so many deficiencies and so many failures. Rabbi Arush gives a sure-fire solution to winning a positive judgment!

The Winning Memory

You’ve seen him – the one who learns Torah and seems to have infinite knowledge, can answer any question, and remembers everything. How does he do it?! How can he keep such a mass of information in his head?! Rabbi Arush gives a surprising answer... 

There’s No Substitute for Work

How often have we gotten hyped up about making changes in our lives, only to end up with nothing? Can we empower ourselves to return to Hashem? Yes – with emuna in ourselves and in our prayers to Hashem!

Holiness for Men and Women

It’s a Wrap

How can a woman get to the point where she is willing to cover her hair? She faces such opposition from within and without. Read the true story of one woman’s amazing journey.

Iron Swords

We see today how much the nations of the world hate the Jewish People. Yaakov Avinu gives excellent advice on how to succeed against our strongest enemies.

Peace in the Holy Land

Personal holiness and personal protection – how can the former bring about the latter? The Kalever Rebbe explains that only through personal holiness can one live in Eretz Yisroel in peace and tranquility. It provides the merit to protect one from all enemies.

Jewish Daily Life and Halacha

Reject Outside Influences

In today's toxic environment, every mitzvah that you keep is extraordinarily precious! It gives Hashem tremendous gratification when you withstand the impure traits of the nations that surround you. 

The Enjoyment Does Come

If a person stretches and pushes himself to perform a mitzvah when it is difficult, eventually he will unleash that mitzvah's sweetness. He will begin to thoroughly enjoy that mitzvah with a true, unmatched pleasure.

The Spiritual Journey of Jewish Law 

Following Hashem’s laws makes you more spiritually sensitive. Start with small, easy laws that you’re probably already doing, and then slowly take on another and another. This is the spiritual journey of Jewish Law – you can scale mountains! 

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