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Hitbodedut (Personal Prayer)


Do you struggle with your “inner critic” the moment you decide to take on some mitzvah? Hitbodedut is a common battle ground. Read some tried-and-proven strategies to beat that critic!

Start Living

I don’t want you to just read this article and file it away somewhere. This article contains the key to living real life – and I want you to start living!

Holiness for Men and Women

The Power of Commitment

How often do we find ourselves with little self-confidence to make desired changes in our lives? How can we give ourselves a needed boost of strength to overcome our challenges? The Kalever Rebbe gives a surprisingly simple solution...

Technology Addiction

Hours wasted every single day... Moments lost... Where did the day go... Who cannot identify with these nagging questions?! The problem – and its solution – are in front of our eyes. The Kalever Rebbe explains...

A Depressed Comedian?!

Do you know people who seem to be living a performance and whose lives are in shambles?   The Kalever Rebbe describes the inevitable influence they have on society by redefining what is acceptable behavior. 

Jewish Daily Life and Halacha

Are Kameas Allowed?

A reader asks, “Are Kameas allowed?” Are they some sort of magic or Avodah Zarah? Where do they fit into Breslev tradition? How can you properly use them?

Impact of Kashrut

During the summer months when we're travelling or vacationing, it's easy to let our standards of kashrut slip. The ensuing damage has a lasting impact on our neshamah and on our emuna.

All in The Name

Prayer can be frustrating and disappointing. Instead of an intimate meeting with your loving Father, you find yourself chasing after the most ridiculous thoughts. Can anything be done to keep your focus??