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Hitbodedut (Personal Prayer)

There’s No Substitute for Work

How often have we gotten hyped up about making changes in our lives, only to end up with nothing? Can we empower ourselves to return to Hashem? Yes – with emuna in ourselves and in our prayers to Hashem!


Do you struggle with your “inner critic” the moment you decide to take on some mitzvah? Hitbodedut is a common battle ground. Read some tried-and-proven strategies to beat that critic!

Holiness for Men and Women

Crown of Royalty

In the past, nations - especially the daughters of royalty - cherished the trait of modesty. They honored modesty and realized that it represented self-respect. Similarly, Jewish women wear the crown of royalty (modesty). 

Jewish Daily Life and Halacha

Judicial Reform?

Much discussion is going around about the judicial reforms being proposed in Israel. Read the Kalever Rebbe’s eye-opening article about judiciary systems.

Don’t Stop Reading Newspapers

If we take an honest look, don't we see warning lights about some of our behavior? Disregarding those warnings in order to continue in our comfort zone is a form of self-punishment. Rabbi Arush explains... 

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