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Healthy Eating

So many people have dire problems with health and income – if they’d only change their eating habits, they’d see enormous miracles…

The Best Bargain in Town

Doctors describe Interstitial Cystitis, or IC, as an incurable condition that normally gets progressively worse. Alice Bacchini beat the rap with a program of prayer and dieting.

Alan’s Odyssey, Part 1

5 min

People think that addicts are gutter-grown. Not so! Alan A. was a good Jewish boy that graduated law school and then entered the world of finance and trading…

Rx: Emuna! – Alan’s Odyssey 3

4 min

Every cloud has a silver lining: Alan’s relapse opened the door to Breslev for him. “I realize today that Rebbe Nachman's teachings are crucial to my recovery”.

A License to Heal

Physical treatments and medication alone can’t cure sickness. Since body and soul are connected, then their mutual health and wellbeing depends on...

Beyond Nature

Most people believe that a natural intermediary determines their income or their health, such as their business or their doctor. Livelihood and health both defy natural law.

The Power of Pidyon

A Heavenly edict limits curing to a certain day, a certain hour, by a certain person and by a certain medicine. Once the edict is rescinded, then any doctor or treatment can cure.

A Physician’s Task

Emuna is vital for medical professionals. Doctors should seek Divine assistance in everything they do, asking for patience, understanding, and sensitivity of their patients.

Don’t Be Afraid

Many people are afraid to sever their total dependence on doctors and medicines, but emuna is the best way to insure good health and a complete recovery of body, mind, and soul.

Emuna and Mental Health

If a person is born healthy, but at a later age succumbs to fear, anxiety, depression, or any other mental or emotional difficulties, the root of the problem is a blemished emuna.