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Defeating False Philosophies

The lesson of Chanukah is the rejection of non-Jewish values and norms. How can we take that lesson with us throughout the year? The Kalever Rebbe gives important advice...

The Best Medicine

The famous writer, Norman Cousins, had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given only a few months to live. How did he manage to live another happy and healthy 20 years?

Going Home

There are seven other seniors in the van, all members of the local center for the memory-impaired. I am the escort who makes sure everyone arrives home safely…

Know Hashem!

Since diseases are always in the world, why are there sudden pandemics? What make a pandemic end? Why are certain locales affected while others are not? Read the lesson of the locusts!

Getting Hold of my Senses

After my bout with Corona, I was “over it” but I suffered from headaches, fatigue, lack of taste, smell and more. What I learned in the process is priceless!

Zumba Queen

Rugalach, banana liqueur, potato kugel, shnitzel, chulent, but no exercise? Are religious Jews suicidal? The observant lifestyle and the pot-belly don't have to go together…

Just Relax and Breathe

When the waves are coming at you and you’re going to drown, and the situation seems hopeless – the only solution is to stop fighting, relax and breathe… Dr. Emuna shows you how!

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