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Yonah and the Whale

One's own teshuva isn’t enough! Loving Hashem means to ease His suffering by helping one's fellow Jews find their way home as well.

Don’t Delay!

When a plague hits, all who remain alive must realize that life is a gift from Heaven, and repentance cannot be postponed for a later day…

Real Repentance

We’ve got it all wrong. We think we need to repent for our sins. But the real repentance we need to do is even deeper than that – and much more simple to fix!

Time for Torah

There is always another distraction, another reason why you just can’t make the Torah class, another item to buy which takes your time from learning Torah to earning more money…

My Yom Kippur

I hated the feeling of being so hungry and thirsty and not being able to brush my teeth. My discomfort certainly didn't make my prayer more meaningful for me…

The Gift of Forgiveness

I began to realize that my mind was crowded with hurtful memories of past events.  And these emotional items accumulated and filled more and more corners of my brain. I decided to give myself a GIFT...

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