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Emuna Means Thank You

Leah’s Song

The Jewish people – Yehudim – are named after Leah’s fourth child Yehuda, which in Hebrew is “to give thanks.” Expressing gratitude to Hashem is therefore our national endeavor.

Putting Logic Aside

There’s an important law to remember under fire: when you’re in the middle of a super-stress situation, put logic aside. When your brain tells you there’s no hope, don’t listen!

Kabbalah and Mysticism

Personal Growth

The 3-Stage Plan

The three-stage plan for preventing self-induced suffering is the key to self-improvement. Once you learn to use the three-stage plan, your life will...

A Groundless Feud

The two men continued to argue along this line for quite some time, and the longer they argued the more heated the argument became. When the first...