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Emuna Means Thank You

A Year of Gratitude 

A juicy orange, a deep breath of air to fill your lungs, a cup of coffee at breakfast... What's the big deal? It's a VERY big deal! Read on...

Gratitude Changes Everything

The single, most important factor in determining your happiness is being thankful for what you have! Try these proven ways to grow your gratitude and live a happier life.

Heal the World

Ready to start a truly good year - a year that you’re happy, healthy and fulfilled? Here’s how you can make that dream a reality...

Kabbalah and Mysticism

Come Again?

There are quite a few different types of reincarnation; the exact same soul never comes back twice, but becomes a sort of 'admixture' of many different souls...

Personal Growth

The Full Life of a Wheat Field

If we judge a wheat field by the way it looked at a single point in time, we might make the tragic error of judging it to be worthless. Same goes with judging people (including ourselves). Never underestimate the ability to repent!

Feel Good Now

Can you feel good without having to run after the objects of your desire? Is it possible to feel good right now? YES! Read on...

Thanks for Winter!

It's easy to complain about winter… but it has many silver linings, besides some empowering reminders for us during hard times.

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