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What I Saw in the Holocaust

Today, we see that elite American universities that create the next leaders in society have become centers of hate. Yet, we send our children there for “higher education”, thinking that their Torah education will protect them from adverse influence. But is that what happens? 

It’s About You!

The Haggadah states, "In every generation a person is obligated to see himself..." - to focus and to understand what is best for us rather than follow the majority. We need to be like our ancestors who did not allow the majority to impact or influence them.

Cosmic Messages

Hashem is opening a dialog with us on a personal and collective level to draw close. Our positive intentions and emotions for Hashem and His Torah have tremendous power to not just enrich our lives, but also to bring the entire world to know Hashem. 

Living in the Vibration of Geulah

The up-coming solar eclipse will occur on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the month of miracles in which we celebrate the first redemption from the Egyptian exile. The eclipse serves as an impetus to elevate our spiritual potential to lead the world into a new phase of history –  the fourth and final redemption.

National Rehabilitation Program

In Hashem’s wonderful love for us, He gives us the gift of teshuva to return to Him. By stirring our hearts to repentance, and even more so when we bring other Jews to Hashem, we win over His mercy for all the people of Israel. 

The Timely Task

"You gave me the message from the Creator that will accompany me and give me strength during the difficult days of battle that await me…” More and more Jews are feeling the thirst for Hashem. Each one of us must reach out to our fellow and draw him closer. A MUST READ!!

Breaking News!

Imagine a news website with only a single article, whose headline was an apology to the readers that there was nothing newsworthy to report that day Read the Kalever Rebbe’s "breaking news” about the news.

All Hands on Deck

Why is it that some of the most tragic events have occurred on Shabbat or holidays? They remind us that, despite moments of joy, repentance is as important as ever. Now, more than ever, we need an all-hands-on-deck approach.

The Call to Lips

Our soldiers are the best of the best. They use the most advanced weaponry. But there’s one essential element in our war arsenal that, if missing, means certain defeat... 

To See Our Brothers and Sisters

The Jewish people around the world are suffering deeply, either from the tragedies of the massacre and ensuing war, or from rising antisemitism. Who can remain indifferent – but what can we do? Rabbi Arush gives two ways to help our brothers.

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