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To See Our Brothers and Sisters

The Jewish people around the world are suffering deeply, either from the tragedies of the massacre and ensuing war, or from rising antisemitism. Who can remain indifferent – but what can we do? Rabbi Arush gives two ways to help our brothers.

The Mission of Every Jew

Since October 7, there hasn’t been a specific hero who turned the tide of the warThousands of acts performed by hundreds of thousands of soldiers are moving us, inch by inch, to victory. Every Jew (yes, YOU!) is a warrior in this spiritual battle. 

Geula: Lesson #1

Sometimes, our internal wars with each other make the Geula seem more remote than ever! What's the point of praying for Redemption when we hate each other? Rabbi Arush shows why we absolutely must believe that Hashem will redeem us if we cry out.

Cry Out to Hashem Until Redemption

We want to cry out. That is what every one of us felt when we heard about the terrible massacre on Simchat Torah. That is what we feel every day when we wake up to the painful news of yet more Jewish blood being spilt. We want to scream: “Father, enough! Father, until when?!”

End the Shame

We don't need Mashiach to come to solve our problems. We need Mashiach to come so that Hashem's glory will be fully revealed and the desecration of His Name will end.

Safe in the Shadow

The Oct 7 massacre clearly pointed out our vulnerabilities. But it also showed that those who live in the shadow of Hashem enjoy His protection. Why take the risk?

We Will Remain Strong!

Our distress is deep and difficult, and it is only natural to feel rage towards different groups, the government, and IDF–Intel. Rabbi Arush describes how to keep our deep pain from ruining our lives and drowning us. A MUST READ!

Hashem’s Rebellion 

Since the days of our father Avraham, Jews have been in a constant struggle to replace the earth’s lawlessness with recognition of the One King. Jews are fighting for the inner spirit of man - the part that serves its Maker rather than its desires.

Together We Will Win

Rabbi Arush brings a powerful message of hope! “Together we will win” is always true, every day in our lives. Only with this togetherness can we end the darkness, emerge from exile, and merit the complete redemption in a merciful way.

Simchat Torah for Our Martyrs

On Simchat Torah, Hashem reminded us that those who celebrate and follow His Torah are protected. What can we do for those who were killed on that day while celebrating a licentious event? A LOT!

The Shocking Truth

Antisemitism, Jew-hatred – whatever term you use – is soaring to alarming levels not seen since the Holocaust. How did it get to be so bad, so quickly when we have  equality, civil rights, and religious freedom?! 

Hashem Signals our Settlers 

Often, when we look below the surface of what appears to be a dismal situation, we can find the hidden solution. So too, in our current situation in Eretz Yisrael, we see the glimmer of redemption!

You Flunked the Test!

A merciful teacher might let a student who flunked a test do a re-take. The Jewish people are getting a “re-take” of the days of repentance right now!

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