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Who’s Really in Control?

Don't we often feel that current events are spinning out of control and that no one is in charge? Let's turn that feeling of helplessness into emuna in the One Who is in absolute control.

The Other Side to Sodom

If you feel like you’re living in an upside-down world, you’re right! The new moral code and justice system are antithetical to the values of our Father, Avraham.

Master Technology

In spite of the obvious damage that some social media inflicts on us, we continue to go back for more! Do we have any power left to stop the madness?

Hindsight 2020

Want to make the new year that just began a beautiful one? Hindsight is always 20:20 when we understand the messages and take appropriate steps forward.

We are The Cure

We’ve tried everything except the one solution that will be the cure. It’s in our hands! How do we end the epidemic once and for all?

The Government of Change

Why worry? Let’s give our Eternal Leader our absolute, blind faith that all that’s happening comes directly from Him, it is good, and it is ultimately for our benefit.

A Just World

What happened to our world? “It ain’t like the old days no more.” The key to fixing it lies in correctly ascertaining the problem…

Cancel Culture

Popular culture is trying to cancel something new every day, but there is one thing that cannot be cancelled… without dire consequences.

With or Without Justice

Economic disparity. Privilege. Police harassment. It's all the rage these days. Everyone, according to their own angle, is seeking that unicorn we all call justice.