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Where’s the Deterrence?

Any thinking individual with any semblance of spiritual awareness must ask himself not only where has our national power of deterrence disappeared to, but how do we regain it?

For Sale?

Would you like to know how dependent the USA is on Arab loans? Who’ll pay those debts? Why is President Obama hinting at Israel’s return to the 1949 borders?


Hashem is constantly performing daily miracles for us, but they are hidden from the unobserving and ungrateful eye. We, in our naiveté take them for granted...

Another Holocaust?

Some are beginning to believe, G-d forbid, that another Holocaust could happen again in our time. Anti-Semitism is on the rise again, it would seem, just about everywhere.

The Blessing in the Curse

The message screaming from the Heavens these days says not to put faith in the stimulus packages or the leaders that create them, or in the weapons that cannot defeat Hamas…

Anticipating Moshiach

With earthquakes cracking the Washington Monument, Irene flooding New York City and rockets still falling on the Negev, shouldn't we be anticipating Moshiach?

Where is Jonathan?

Jonathan Pollard is now (2010) in his 25th year in prison. This is the appropriate time of the year, when the Torah reminds us of our bondage in Egypt, to shout, Let My People Go!

The Farmer

Folks moan that Israel suffers from an acute shortage of dependable, upright, and capable leaders. Many people are saying that the game's over for Israel, G-d forbid…

A Tough Neighborhood

The world doesn't have to blow sky high. But it will if we don't wake up. Fast. No scare, just fact. The IDF is our sole responsibility; it’s our job to make our soldiers strong…

Remembering Gush Katif

The woman from Gush Katif said that the Disengagement taught her humility. Like Rav Shalom Arush always says, lo mavin klum - we don’t understand anything...