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The Rule of G-d

What did the Sages mean that in the era before Mashiach, “The face of the generation will be like the face of a dog”? Specifically, how does it manifest in our times?

Replacing USA with G-D 

Is Israel's future really bound up with American politics and diplomacy? Let's review how Avraham Avinu dealt with conflicts between Hashem's commands and outside cultures.

Divine Diversity

Our civil laws to eradicate racism are not solving the problem. Let's take a different approach and use tried-and-true techniques from the King of Kings!

What’s Over There?

Did you hear the latest scandal? What's the media's latest outrage? Take a moment to consider what the real motive might be behind such nonsensical distractions...

Hashem’s Chosen Leaders

American and Israeli leaders have been in the news a lot recently. Let us never forget that we do not put our emuna in flesh-and-blood kings but in our King Who reigns over kings.

Casting My Vote

The ONLY vote that counts - a vote for merit! To merit that every Jew knows the pure joy of serving Hashem. To merit that every Jew feels the absolute happiness of being infused with a life of Divine meaning and real purpose.   

Our Greatest Servants

Aren’t our enemies great? What would we ever do without them? You’re joking, right? Nope! Read David Ben Horin’s view on our wonderful situation... 

Tragedy in Texas

How do we understand the painful tragedy in Texas? More than that, what is the lesson for us, whether Jew or non-Jew? What can we do in the memory of those precious children, so they have not died in vain?

Who’s Really in Control?

Don't we often feel that current events are spinning out of control and that no one is in charge? Let's turn that feeling of helplessness into emuna in the One Who is in absolute control.