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All in The Name

Prayer can be frustrating and disappointing. Instead of an intimate meeting with your loving Father, you find yourself chasing after the most ridiculous thoughts. Can anything be done to keep your focus??

Shabbat and Shmita

Jews have yearned for centuries to settle the Land of Israel to absorb its kedusha. Let us join together in this mitzvah that is above nature!

Keep Your Promise!

In machines, a specific button creates a specific reaction. God built into Creation a system that if we press the right "buttons," we get the right blessings!

Good News Is No News

Are you happy and uplifted by the news? Does it provide tangible benefits? Is it worth the lost time, aggravation, and distraction? If not, try a news fast!

Turn Time into Treasure

Our finite time on this earth is the most precious thing we have. Time isn’t money – time is life, and therefore, time is a treasure we can’t let slip through our fingers!

Blessing the Beautiful

Blessings express our appreciation to The Almighty for all the wonderful things He gives us. There’s even a special blessing to say when seeing extraordinary beauty...

We are all Family

If G-d is our loving Father in Heaven, then we are all brothers and sisters. Nothing brings a parent happiness like siblings treating each other with love and respect.

Love Peace and Truth

Everyone is asking: What do we do now? How do we save ourselves? And what does Hashem want us to learn, and repent for, in all of this? The answer is simple: Love peace and truth!