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Consequences of Chutzpah

When your children see that Torah knowledge and a life of mitzvot are something that you cherish and admire, they will model that behavior and will aspire to those same values.

Empower Your Mind!

Each of us is a child of The King! As such, we have the ability to rule over our heart. When our mind controls our heart, we can make wonderful progress in coming closer to Hashem.

Pay No Attention

While in the midst of a difficult situation, you understand that the situation is "not good". There’s only one way that you can successfully get through it – let go of your intellect and hold on to only emuna. Read Rabbi Arush’s incredible answer...

Put your Head Down 

Some tests in life are totally overwhelming and unbearable. How do we deal with them without breaking? Where is Hashem’s mercy in all of this? 

What Makes us Equal?

"Equality under the law" is a legal principle held by most modern-day countries. Unlike those societies, equality under Hashem's laws is absolutely just and perfect.

Divine Discrimination

Our society today accepts evil behavior that was once totally rejected. Although social mores have changed drastically, Hashem's judgment still discriminates between good and evil.

And Restore the Service… 

We recently completed the days of mourning of the destruction of the Temple. We don't yearn for something that was and is no more. We don't dwell on the glorious past of our nation. We build the Third Temple! How do we do that?

Seeing the Good

Our natural tendency is to "size people up" in such a way that their flaws are exposed. The Kalever Rebbe explains that this tendency stunts our own spiritual growth and leads to inner discontent.

A Lesson in Emuna for Professional Believers

Is Hashem ‘out to get you’? Is He just waiting for the moment you will fail so He can punish you? Maybe He likes to make you miserable? Or, is He a loving Father and it pains Him to see you failing and it pains Him when He has to punish, and He only wants to see you succeed?