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Protection from Yishmael

When facing tragedy and challenging times, we must seek Divine protection by finding the inspiration to do teshuva. However, inspiration is not sufficient. We must express our teshuva through a "kabbalah" – a verbal commitment to change our behavior.

You Can’t Force God

Why are my persistent prayers not answered? I’m thanking Hashem, but I’m not getting what I asked for. What's wrong?  The problem comes when you do a mitzvah and expect to get a specific result in a specific time frame...

Social Distancing

Do not seek out and learn from the non-Jewish culture — by what they define as permitted behavior, as "good." Society encourages us to accept everyone as a friend, even when that person is behaving immorally. 

I Quit Smoking!

You want to strengthen your spirituality, but know yourself too well – at some point, you will fall. The Kalever Rebbe recommends that you verbally promise to perform a specific mitzvah. The strength of that verbal promise will bring you to success!

Vacation Challenges

There is a special purpose in doing all the mitzvot wherever you spend vacation. Many vacation destinations serve a purpose in avodat Hashem by raising sparks of holiness found there.

Building Inner Fortitude 

Our role as Bnei Yisrael is to live our emuna and to recognize it on such a high level that no outside influence, regardless of how awesome it (or he) might be, will lead us away from Hashem. Our emuna must be firmly affixed in our hearts to withstand every test. Otherwise... 

The Unbroken Chain

Few nations can claim to exist three thousand years ago. Only one nation does the same mitzvot in the same way by learning the same laws that they received on their first day of existence. Our mitzvot are a living testament to the eternal bond Hashem created with us. 

The Punishment That was the Mann 

We see more and more that people want to break loose of every restriction, both civil and religious. Will that freedom really bring one a life that is full of happiness and contentment? And, if not, what will? Rabbi Arush explains... 

The Root of Our Suffering

The root cause of Tisha B’Av still haunts us today, and not just during the Three Weeks! Am Yisrael, individually and collectively, is going through tremendous suffering – why? And what can each of us do to end our suffering once and for all? 

A Mother’s Heart

A mother's heart focuses on the good and the potential in her child. So too, our Father focuses His love and attention on the beauty in each of us. Focusing on our inner good rather than on our faults and failures, empowers us to greatness!

The Lesson of the Titanic

The Titanic and its 1,500 passengers sank to the bottom of the sea because the captain wanted to show the world that his ship was unsinkable. How dangerous it is to seek honor and pride...

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