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The Easy Way to Remove the Evil Eye

Let's stop focusing on all the craziness and instead look at the endless salvations and good that happen to each of us and to the Jewish People. There is much that is good! The final redemption depends on our learning to sing and give thanks! 

My Only Wish

Two groups of students of emuna both encounter the same test. One group of students sail through the test with no distress at all while the second group suffers intensely. What makes the difference? Rabbi Arush gives us critical advice to weather our current crises. 

A License for Speaking

Now is the time to work on a “Pesach cleaning” of our speech - get rid of any bad speech and strengthen good speech. This is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for all the Jewish People right now. 

The Exciting Show

We all have times when our prayer or learning is done with a coldness, a lack of interest, and devoid of any enthusiasm. What's the answer? The Kalever Rebbe gives practical advice... 

How a Banana became a Jewish Vegetable

In the simple act of choosing which blessing to recite over your food, you find profound lessons on life and spirituality. Whether it's a banana or an olive, each choice reflects the eternal cycle of life, growth, and renewal.

Always Happy

How can a person accept the bad things in their lives with the same joy they feel when good things happen? Even if we intellectually understand the concept, can we control our emotions to the point of not being sad? 

Enjoy Yourself!

A mitzvah that is done with simcha (happiness) is rewarded a thousand times more than a person who does the mitzvah but feels burdened by it. 

The Secret of the Geula

Hashem loves the Jewish people like a father who loves his son simply because he is his son, and not because of the son's deeds. Rabbi Arush explains how we all can merit such a relationship with Hashem.

The Thing We Lack Most 

The Temple is a reflection of the true Jewish home that brings its members closer to each other and closer to Hashem. This is why we desperately need the Beit HaMikdash today, in our world of darkness and distance from Hashem.

What You Must Know

Every person feels to some degree that he has reached a state that is beyond forgiveness. Read Rabbi Arush’s encouraging message that Hashem wants His children to know how much He loves them and how much He is ALWAYS willing to forgive them. 

Arriving At One’s Rightful Place in Peace 

In our generation, despite many Torah classes, there is still a leadership crisis. War brings this difficulty into focus even more. We must pray intensely that Hashem will reveal the true tzaddikim, wisdom, and daat that can help the entire Jewish People! 

So-called Extremists

There is tremendous reward for those who hold fast to Yiddishkeit in the face of ridicule. For every committed Jew, there many who mock him and call him “extremist” and "right-winger".

We Must Unite!

Rabbanim tell us that they are seeing a wave of teshuvah never seen before. What is the surest sign that our teshuvah is sincere? When there is unity amongst ourselves! 

Our Main Weapon

A Jew’s most powerful weapon is his pure emunah in Hashem. A Jew can grow his emuna by praying, by wearing tefillin with Shema, Yisrael, or even when discussing daily events. Through this, may we merit the downfall of our enemies. 

War and Revenge

We do not celebrate the death of our enemies, nor do we take revenge. Jews are guided by emuna that everything is from Hashem - even war. 

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