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Remember What’s Important

In the final days before Shavuot, let's internalize the unique purpose of a Jew's life. When we accepted Torah on Mount Sinai and became Hashem's people, we were set aside from the other nations.

Preparation for Sinai 

Oh no, we have less than a week until Shavuot! I need to get my grocery list ready for major shopping. What kind of dairy course should I serve? I absolutely must find a new outfit... WAIT!! Rabbi Arush explains that the REAL preparation is in the heart. Also read about Rabbi Palagi's segula for Erev Shavuot.

Our Best Weapon

What is our strongest weapon against those who want to destroy us? The spiritual energy of the Torah that we accepted at Har Sinai!

King David

Rabbanit Arush gives us a moving tour of the burial site of King David. It's customary on Shavuot night and the next day to come here to pray and beg for mercy.

Ronen, Ruth, and Redemption

Perhaps in light of losing Ronen and the fast approaching commemoration of the Temples’ destruction, we could find it in ourselves to strengthen our love between each other…

Finding Yourself

Are we aware of the dangers in life? Are we aware of our weaknesses and where we are most prone to temptation? One who doesn't see danger is the most vulnerable...

The Sleepwalker

Most of the world behaves like sleepwalkers – they don't know where they are or even who they are, they don't understand what they're doing or where they're going, and why...

How Much I Love You

How much does a mother really love her child? If every child would only know how much Mom really cares...  If each one of us would only know how much Hashem really cares... A beautiful love letter - to YOU!

Love for Love

The greatest act of love is doing one's utmost to please the one you love with no ulterior motive other than pleasing your beloved...

Wisdom of Sinai

Is there a genius who can invent anything without relying on prior knowledge and research? The light bulb could not have been invented before the discovery of electricity...

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