Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

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Guidelines for Life

Do you want to live a genuinely happy life, in any situation? Then you must want only one thing from life: emuna.  "Success" is in holding on to emuna. Any success that lacks emuna is a failure; and any failure that contains emuna is a success!

Missing Corona

We are in the midst of a raging and highly infectious epidemic in the world. It is a plague that completely ruins and embitters one’s life. Everyone is susceptible. Rabbi Arush explains how to avoid infection and cure ourselves...

Money Isn’t Everything

Along with the great importance of studying self-help books and taking their advice, we must know that success in maintaining peace in the home comes from a completely different place.  Where?

Preparation for Sinai 

Oh no, it’s Rosh Chodesh Sivan - we have less than a week until Shavuot! I need to get my grocery list ready for major shopping. Maybe brisket? What kind of dairy course should I serve? I absolutely must find a new outfit - I can’t wear those rags any more...

Let Us Make Man

We do not forget for even a moment the great disaster that took place on Lag B’Omer 2021. The first step towards the tikkun of man is the tikkun of speech. He who corrects his speech can correct all his character traits.

The Perfect Training Program

During these days before Shavuot, we count each day toward personal growth. The change that we make in ourselves depends on the small, “unimportant” steps that we make each day. How can we avoid discouragement when we don’t see results from one day to another?  

The Most Important Ingredient

A child who feels the light of Shabbat at home, who sits at a Seder table that had not just matzahs, wine, and delicacies, but also the true light of the Exodus from Egypt the soul of such a child receives a thorough inoculation against all the generation’s temptations. And oh, don’t they need it!

Ongoing Personal Treatment

Do we see our spiritual success as equal in importance to our material success? Do we consider our spiritual deficiencies as seriously as we view our material lacks? If we really care about doing Hashem's will fully, there is no other option than to connect ourselves to a tzaddik.