Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

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A License for Speaking

Now is the time to work on a “Pesach cleaning” of our speech - get rid of any bad speech and strengthen good speech. This is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for all the Jewish People right now. 

Venahafoch Hu – Soon by You!

Not every day is Purim! Not every day are we given an opportunity to simply ASK for Hashem’s blessings and our requests are granted. Purim is a day when not only are all our deficiencies upended, but we receive an abundance! Don’t waste Purim- ASK! 

From Redemption to Prayer

The great power of the Jewish people is their ironclad emuna that cannot be influenced by any sorrow or suffering. The best gauge of a one’s emuna is his prayer. With strong emuna, one's prayer can bring miracles.

National Rehabilitation Program

In Hashem’s wonderful love for us, He gives us the gift of teshuva to return to Him. By stirring our hearts to repentance, and even more so when we bring other Jews to Hashem, we win over His mercy for all the people of Israel. 

The Secret of the Geula

Hashem loves the Jewish people like a father who loves his son simply because he is his son, and not because of the son's deeds. Rabbi Arush explains how we all can merit such a relationship with Hashem.

The Timely Task

"You gave me the message from the Creator that will accompany me and give me strength during the difficult days of battle that await me…” More and more Jews are feeling the thirst for Hashem. Each one of us must reach out to our fellow and draw him closer. A MUST READ!!

The Thing We Lack Most 

The Temple is a reflection of the true Jewish home that brings its members closer to each other and closer to Hashem. This is why we desperately need the Beit HaMikdash today, in our world of darkness and distance from Hashem.

What You Must Know

Every person feels to some degree that he has reached a state that is beyond forgiveness. Read Rabbi Arush’s encouraging message that Hashem wants His children to know how much He loves them and how much He is ALWAYS willing to forgive them. 

Arriving At One’s Rightful Place in Peace 

In our generation, despite many Torah classes, there is still a leadership crisis. War brings this difficulty into focus even more. We must pray intensely that Hashem will reveal the true tzaddikim, wisdom, and daat that can help the entire Jewish People! 

There Are No Shortcuts

Thinking of making aliyah to Eretz Yisrael? A Jew’s entire kedusha depends on Eretz Yisrael. Aliyah is not trivial - one needs much preparation and longing. It’s a life-long journey with no shortcuts.

To See Our Brothers and Sisters

The Jewish people around the world are suffering deeply, either from the tragedies of the massacre and ensuing war, or from rising antisemitism. Who can remain indifferent – but what can we do? Rabbi Arush gives two ways to help our brothers.

Geula: Lesson #1

Sometimes, our internal wars with each other make the Geula seem more remote than ever! What's the point of praying for Redemption when we hate each other? Rabbi Arush shows why we absolutely must believe that Hashem will redeem us if we cry out.