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Rabbi Shalom Arush

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Money on the Floor

We come with a loving call to all Daughters of Israel! I ask you from the bottom of my heart – for Hashem’s honor and for all our brethren who are in trouble – do your part, and with your tzniut you make this whole world a brighter one.

Wishing to Connect 

The strength of the Jewish people lies in its holiness and modesty.  Rabbi Arush turns to all readers who want to do the greatest thing for the Jewish People, for our soldiers, and for our existence! 

We are Responsible for Our Brothers

We are going through a very long, difficult, and painful period, and the end is not in sight. We must feel the distress of every Jew! We hear the painful voices of those who say, “They are not our brothers. We must wake up and increase feelings of brotherhood with all our might. A MUST READ!

What is Hiding the Mashiach?

What will happen when the Mashiach is revealed? All Jews will immediately recognize him, believe in him, and follow him, right? Not so, says Rabbi Arush! What can we do to ensure that we’re one of Mashiach’s followers? 

Who Wants Mashiach – Yemot HaMashiach

Redemption is a long and sometimes difficult process, both on the personal level and on the national level. Redemption is the process of tikkun (rectification). Rabbi Arush explains what we can do to effect our personal redemption-before the Mashiach arrives.

Who Wants Mashiach?

We all want Mashiach! But what is the “Mashiach” that we’re praying for – someone to solve our personal problems and make life wonderful? Rabbi Arush gives clear guidance on what the Mashiach is really coming to do, and how we can hasten that day. A MUST READ!

Joie de Vivre – You’ve Got It 

Emuna means that Hashem loves us! Often, people who are seemingly baalei emuna get stuck at “It is Hashem’s will”. They don’t move on to the deep emuna that brings about true joyfulness. Our efforts during Sefirat HaOmer can help move us in the right direction.

The Easy Way to Remove the Evil Eye

Let's stop focusing on all the craziness and instead look at the endless salvations and good that happen to each of us and to the Jewish People. There is much that is good! The final redemption depends on our learning to sing and give thanks!