Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

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The Gateway

We all want our prayers to be accepted by Hashem. We want to be counted among those who fear and love Him. We want to develop good middot, holiness, and purity. One prerequisite will bring all of these... 

For Gifts You Have to Work

It's not enough to continually ask, “When will Mashiach come”. Working on one’s emuna and and spreading it with family and friends  – that is  looking forward to the geula, and that is what brings Mashiach!

Don’t Let Them Fool You!

"Did you hear the latest!? Wow, that rabbi should be ashamed of himself! And to think that he teaches Torah!!"  S-T-O-P.  Rabbi Arush describes the immeasurable suffering you bring on yourself by judging someone else.

To Rid Yourself of Fears 

In these tumultuous times of deep uncertainty, how can we truly and finally rid ourselves of our anxieties? Rabbi Arush gives tremendous insight and advice how to achieve inner quiet. 

Much More Than Groggers

It seems that everyone is facing deep anxieties during these days of tremendous upheaval. Whether one lives in Eretz Yisrael or abroad, the turmoil grows from day to day. How does one deal with this? Rabbi Arush’s advice is not just for Purim...

Where is Your Mishkan?

How important is peace in the home? Everyone would agree that it's very important. So why is peace in Jewish homes going downhill? Because some things are even more important - like "truth" and "justice"! Rabbi Arush explains...

What is Endless Joy? 

How can you achieve being truly happy for another? Only by praying for the Jewish people! If you take on this prayer as a personal commitment, another Jew’s joy becomes your own personal joy.

Don’t Stop Reading Newspapers

If we take an honest look, don't we see warning lights about some of our behavior? Disregarding those warnings in order to continue in our comfort zone is a form of self-punishment. Rabbi Arush explains...