Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Shalom Arush

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The Hardest Test

Did you ever feel that your fervent prayers were not accepted? You put all your hopes in this prayer and turned to Hashem with unbridled faith that He wants to save you, and then...nothing! A MUST READ!

There’s No Substitute for Work

How often have we gotten hyped up about making changes in our lives, only to end up with nothing? Can we empower ourselves to return to Hashem? Yes – with emuna in ourselves and in our prayers to Hashem!


You expect to serve Hashem in the way that you understand, and under conditions that seem perfect to you. But Hashem wants you to serve Him in the way that He wants. That is perfect service of Hashem! 

Illuminating the Home

The world offers the faithful Jew a false morality, a tempting world of wisdom, enormous salaries, and attractive culture pastimes. What can we do to inoculate our children against them?

Our Heroines

When you think of the Geula (final redemption), do you think of a mighty hero who comes to make radical, sudden changes in the world? Our Sages give us a surprisingly different picture...

The Fortress

With the illumination of Chanuka lights, parental presence, the joy of dreidel games and the aroma of fried potato pancakes or donuts, a child feels secure...

Who Throws Away Gold?

Darkness can shut out light for a person only when his emuna is weak and has been extinguished. The only solution is to light the light of Torah and emuna, to kindle the light that Hashem always loves us in any situation.

A Single Word 

Do you have debts? Problems? Troubles? Difficulties? Health issues? Are you alone? Does anything seem to be lacking? Your basic approach must be Yisrael's response: “I have all.”