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Rabbi Arush has an URGENT message for YOU! Read about the greatest gift ever given to the world, which will do miracles for you too!

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 06.10.21

The world is in upheaval.  


We are truly experiencing the birth pangs of the redemption – one after the next. First the tragedy in Meron on Lag B’Omer which claimed 45 lives, then the bleacher collapse at Karlin-Stolin which claimed the lives of another 3 and left many seriously injured, and now the Miami condo collapse.  


And in the private sphere, we are all struggling with difficulties that threaten to overwhelm us – from financial difficulties, to not finding a spouse, to marital difficulties, or sickness, G-d should save us. No one is immune. 


What message is Hashem trying to send us? What do we need to change? How can we save ourselves and our families? And how can we merit the miracles we so desperately need? And bring the Redemption with mercy, and not with judgments as is happening now??? 


Rabbi Arush prayed over this question exactly in those terrible moments as the tragedy in Meron was unfolding at the entrance to the cave where Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai zy”a is buried.  


His answer: ahavat Yisrael b’mesirut nefesh – loving each other with self-sacrifice! 


Rabbi Arush says that this is the greatest gift that was ever given to the world since Creation! And these prayers have already borne great fruit – but it’s not yet enough. Rabbi Arush said that although thousands of Jews and non-Jews from around the world have already signed up, we are still far away from the kind of numbers we need to save the world from more disasters. However, no matter what – just the fact that you signed up, is a huge merit to protect you and your family! 


The judgements are very severe but by taking upon yourself to pray every day with self-sacrifice – whatever it takes! – you are literally sparing the world from terrible judgments and tragedies. You are saving lives! Who knows if you might just be saving your own life… and this is besides the beautiful fruits of your labors that you will surely see quickly, as Hashem showers you with love! 



I want your name on the list! And for each and every name that I receive, I will pray for them!   



If you have decided to join Rabbi Arush in praying for the Jewish people for half an hour every day, you can send your name (name and your mother’s name format) to Eli Goldsmith and he will forward your name to Rabbi Arush to pray for you. Reach him at: 


Read the small booklet Loving Everyone Unconditionally  for guidance and prayers for your 30 minutes. 


Moreover, more and more miracle stories have begun to flood our offices from people who took upon themselves to pray for just 30 minutes a day, and because they love G-d’s children with self-sacrifice – G-d loves them with “self-sacrifice,” and is sending them the miracles they need!



Rabbi Arush said that this is the focus of his lessons, until the revelation of Mashiach, soon and in our days.  


This page will be updated as more translations are added to the website (approximately weekly), so check back regularly!  

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