The Miracle Twins

“I’m sorry to tell you, Mrs. Shaw, but you’re carrying a monster – in cases like this, we urge the expectant mother to abort. There’s no chance on earth that this fetus can live.”

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 21.11.16

Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody


One of the things I enjoy most when meeting people around the world is hearing their emuna stories. While receiving people in private appointments, with Rabbi Lazer Brody translating for me, we heard the following first-hand story from Jimmy and Susan:


Susan Shaw and her husband Jimmy both grew up in families with many children. They loved having so many brothers and sisters, and promised each other that they’d do their best to have a big family too.


With five healthy children, Susan was now in her sixth pregnancy. Now in her fifth month, she went to her attending physician for a checkup. Her physician was on vacation. His replacement, a young, much less experienced gynecologist, told her that it was time for her to do a routine sonogram.


Looking at the results of the sonogram, the gynecologist had a grave look on his face.


Susan asked, “Is anything wrong?”


“I’m sorry to tell you, Mrs. Shaw, but you’re carrying a monster – your embryo has two heads! In cases like this, we urge the expectant mother to abort. There’s no chance on earth that this baby – or whatever – can live.”


Susan Shaw’s heart skipped a beat. Abortion was a word that wasn’t in her or Jimmy’s lexicon. Luckily, several weeks prior, a girlfriend recommended a book to her by the name of The Garden of Emuna. Both she and Jimmy read the book. They learned that The Creator – and no one else – runs the world.


Susan took a deep breath and got up from her chair in the doctor’s office. “I think you’re mistaken, Doctor. God gave me this pregnancy, and He’ll decide what to do with the little gift whose heart is beating inside of me.”


Out in the parking lot, Susan’s inner strength left her. Sobbing, she called Jimmy and asked him to come pick her up. She was too distressed to drive.


Jimmy was ever so thoughtful and encouraging. “Sweetheart, as long as you feel OK, I’m sure the baby is OK too. I have no doubt that the doctor has made a mistake. And even if he hasn’t made a mistake, God can fix things. I’ll tell you what – let’s review The Garden of Emuna together, but first, I’m going to arrange a babysitter – we’re going out tonight to your favorite restaurant.


“Jimmy, I can’t…”


“Yes you can! Do you agree that God runs the world?”


“S-sure,” she sniffled.


“And do you agree that everything He does is for the very best?”


“Yes, Jimmy – we’ve always seen that in our life together.”


“…and He does everything for a good reason?”


Susan nodded in the affirmative.


“OK Susie, then believe that this is for the best too, and for a good reason, whether or not we understand how or why. The book said that emuna invokes Divine compassion. I’ll tell you what: Let’s sponsor a The Garden of Emuna study group at our home for the benefit of our unborn child.”


For the first time that day, Susan smiled. For the next fifteen weeks or so, they led a weekly emuna learning group in their living room, with more and more couples attending each week. By virtue of their challenge in life, the Shaws were spreading emuna around the entire neighborhood. The folks that attended their class started teaching emuna to their own family and friends. More and more people were learning about the marvelous personal relationship that they could have with God.


The class was interrupted when Susan felt sharp labor pains…


She gave birth to healthy twins – a boy and a girl. The girl’s name is Myra and the boy’s name is Cal. Jimmy and Susan call them their Myra-Cal twins.

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