My Miracle Baby

The baby’s heart rate kept dropping and they prepared her for the operating room. Our worst fear was actualizing, Heaven forbid. Tears began flowing down my wife's face...

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Anatoliy (Nissan) Yusupov

Posted on 17.05.16

This is my story, my personal miracle(s) that I owe all to Hashem and to you, Rav Shalom Arush, Rav Lazer Brody, and the Breslev Israel staff. 


Nine and a half months ago, I was faced with the fear of possibly not having children. After reading Rav Arush's and Rabbi Brody's books, listening to their wonderful CDs, going to their lectures and meeting them in person, I finally committed to 1 hour a day in hitbodedut (personal prayer) and solely thanking Hashem. I committed to 40 consecutive days. 


In about two weeks, my wife got pregnant. But we didn't find out about it until after completing my 40 days. She surprised me on our wedding anniversary. The workings of Hashem are truly amazing. Most of the time I don't understand why things turn out the way they do, but I try to place my trust in Hashem. It's because of these events in my life (some of which did not seem all that pleasant at first, yet at the end are all good and for my very best), that I have changed and am still changing, thank G-d. The biggest change is that I became a Baal Teshuva, a returnee to Judaism!


But the story does not end there.


On March 31, 2016, my loving wife was in labor with our first child. Everything seemed to be going well and we expected a quick delivery until all of the sudden the head nurse set off the alarm and yelled "heart rate is drastically dropping." Within less than a minute, it seemed like all the doctors and assistants specializing in delivery rushed into the room. It quickly got packed and I was shoved to the side.


The cool atmosphere turned into a frenzy. Inside I panicked but desperately kept my cool in front of my wife.  She was given an oxygen mask and some sort of drug to stop contractions (to reduce stress to the child). The doctors threw quick words, more like spurs at each other. One word caught our attention immediately and that was "surgery."


The baby’s heart rate kept dropping and they prepared her for the operating room. Our worst fear seemed to be actualizing, Heaven forbid. I saw tears flowing down my wife's face and it broke my heart. I tried to object but pleas fell on deaf ears and they wheeled my wife out of the delivery room. They shouted at me and bid me to stay behind until further notice.


Here I was, in the hallway and I didn't know what to do. I began to cry to Hashem for help. And then all of the sudden it hit me. "I don't understand, I don't understand a thing… All is for the good." Rav Arush's words just resonated in my mind. I started thanking Hashem. I thanked Hashem for this moment. I thanked Him for blessing me with a wife. I thanked Him that we were expecting our first child and that we would finally have a child. I kept telling myself that all is good and Hashem always has my back. 


It didn't take too long until I was told to follow the nurse to the operating room. There I was told that something "magical" occurred. But you and I know that it was all Hashem. By the time they got to the operating room for the C-section, the heart rate stabilized and it was back to a normal rate. They were now preparing her to be taken back to the delivery room. Thank you, Hashem!  Thank you, Rav Arush for your words! The labor was not easy. It took 12 long hours but Baruch Hashem, my wife delivered naturally to a healthy baby boy, my amazing son.


Thank you Hashem for your love and unwavering support. Thank you, Hashem for always being there including in our darkest moments.


Thank you Rav Arush, Rabbi Brody and the Breslev staff for inspiring us and spreading the light of Emuna.

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