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Breslev Israel staff

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The Ushpizin

When the People of Israel leave their homes and enter the sukkah for the sake of Hashem's Name, they merit to welcome the Divine presence there, and all the seven shepherds...

Pesach Recipes

Pesach, the holiday when Jews eat only unleavened bread, commemorates the exodus from Egypt. The dietary restrictions can be challenging. Here are easy-to-make recipes with minimum preparation time.

HaRav HaGaon Chaim Kanievsky

Date of Passing: 15-Adar. R’ Kanievsky was the leader of the Haredi community world-wide, yet he was recognized as one who loved all of Am Yisrael. May he continue to be an advocate for each Jew and for the Jewish nation from his place in Shamayim!

Purim Recipes

Celebrate Purim with these delicious recipes! This year, Purim is followed closely by Shabbat, so time spent cooking and baking is at a premium. We selected recipes that are easy and quick to make, can be made ahead, and can also be used at a Shabbat meal.