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What can we do to help?! Regardless of where you live, we are all in this war together. Rabbi Shalom Arush shlita sends a special message of chizuk (strengthening) as well as how you can help the war effort.

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Posted on 18.10.23

During these difficult days of war in Eretz Yisrael, Rabbi Shalom Arush shlita sends a special message of chizuk (strengthening) and encouragement to everyone. 


The main question that people ask is “What can I do to help?”. Rabbi Arush says that there is a tremendous  amount that each one of us can and must do, each in his own way.  Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Do not be afraid! Everything that is happening, down to the finest detail, is orchestrated by Hashem for our benefit. Hashem is watching who maintains his emuna that He is in charge. Nissim Black says it beautifully:                                                  
  2. This is a war, and everyone is being called up to fight! You must do what you can! 
    • If you can learn Torah – learn! 
    • Women and children – Say as many Tehillim or Tikkun Klali as you can. Chut shel Chessed has set the goal of reciting 1,000 Tikkun Klali’s this weekJoin us! Email the Editor how many you have said or take upon yourself to say:! 
    • Pray an extra 30 minutes (or at least 15 minutes) hitbodedut for the geulah shleimah (full redemption) with mercy.
    • Say Psalm 100 (מִזְמ֥וֹר לְתוֹדָ֑ה) 8 times, as often as possible.
    • Say Psalm 121 (שִׁ֗יר לַֽמַּֽ֫עֲל֥וֹת אֶשָּׂ֣א עֵ֖ינַי אֶל־הֶֽהָרִ֑ים) as often as possible.


Special Projects and Notes: 

  1. Our soldiers need food! Many soldiers went to battle on Shabbat and were not fed as of Sunday night. We have many retired soldiers in the Yeshiva with clearance to bring food to the bases, along with tzitzit and free emuna books.  
  2. Rabbi Arush wants every soldier to have a small Likutei Moharan that fits in the pocket. This will be a protective weapon for each soldier! One Likutei Moharan is only 4NIS – about $1.20. 
  3. Rabbi Landau shlita requests to say Psalm 91 (יֹשֵׁב בְּסֵ֣תֶר עֶלְי֑וֹן) as often as possible.


To donate tzitzit, emuna books, and mini Likutei Moharan – click Spiritual Iron Swords for IDF Soldiers. Alternatively, call Freida, Director of Outreach (she speaks English): +972-52-224-0696.

To donate food, or if you need help contacting Freida, contact the Editor: 1-626-200-1085 (calls directly to Israel, leave a message if she doesn’t answer) or 



A disaster such as this has never happened! Never! Since as long as we can recall. In one day!  


Certainly, those who were killed died al Kiddush HaShem (in sanctification of Hashem’s name) and they rose straight to shemayim (Heaven). They merited to rise directly to heaven. 


For the injured, I strengthen myself, in the merit of all the tzaddikim (righteous), to ask The Holy One, blessed be He, to send the Angel Raphael to heal the wounded. May all of them get up healthy.  


And those who were kidnapped and taken prisoner – that The Holy One, blessed be He, will send the Angel Michael and return them to their homes. 


Now, everyone wants to know what The Holy One, blessed be He wants from us. We have no solution other than The Holy One, blessed be He.  

  • Don’t fall into the “by my strength and power of my hand” (Devarim 8:17) thinking. We have no advice other than to raise our eyes to our Father in Heaven! We have no guardian other than He! We have no one else! And we have no salvation other than from Him. 
  • Let us strengthen ourselves to say many Psalms:  
    • Every day say Psalm 100 (Psalm of Thanksgiving) 8 times, for as many times as you can.  
    • Every day say Psalm 121 (Song of Ascents) – “A song of ascents. I raise my eyes upon the mountains; where will my help come from? My help is from Hashem, Maker of heaven and earth…He neither sleeps nor slumbers-the Guardian of Israel.” 
  • Let us strengthen ourselves to do hitbodedut (personal prayer). Each one of us should spend at least 15 minutes asking Hashem to redeem us – we want the complete redemption! 


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