King David

King David passed from the earthly life on Shavuot. It's customary on Shavuot night and the next day to come to his burial site in Jerusalem to pray and beg for mercy. Rabbanit Arush gives us moving tour of the burial site of King David.

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Rabbanit Miriam Arush

Posted on 11.06.24

We are here in the burial site of King David. It’s customary on Shavuot night and the next day to go to come here to pray and beg for mercy from the Master of the Universe.  


King David, David, King of Israel, lives and endures! 


David, anointed of Israel, he is our righteous redeemer! 


We pray that the kingship of Israel, with Hashem’s help, that Hashem should save us from all of our troubles, from all of the things everyone is struggling with, whether as an individual or collectively. 


In the merit of King David, from his passing on Shavuot, Hashem will give us the merit to be redeemed, speedily in our days. Amen! 

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