Why We Need a Tzaddik

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Posted on 01.07.24

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Miriam's punishment for speaking against Moshe (parshat Behaalotcha), spies' punishment for disputing Moshe (parshat Shlach Lecha), and Korach's dispute with Moshe (parshat Korach) - what's the role of tzaddikim, especially now? Likutei Moharan 123 is THE Torah of Rebbe Nachman's teachings about our  relationship with tzaddikim.

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1. Tamar


I never thought about it before… but for Miriam and for the 10 spies, Moshe plead with Hashem to mitigate the harsh punishment. Even for the sin of the golden calf, Moshe plead to Hashem. Only when Moshe’s authority was challenged did he offer no words to evoke Hashem’s compassion – nothing less than death.

That’s how serious rejection of tzaddikim is!

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