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We are in a war of good vs evil, light vs darkness. Every day, we see Hashem's miracles for His people in His land.  All our prayers, mitzvot, Torah learning, charity, and kindness count. There is no such thing as "small"!

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David Ben Horin

Posted on 13.11.23

 :וַתִּשָּׁחֵ֥ת הָאָ֖רֶץ לִפְנֵ֣י הָֽאֱלֹהִ֑ים וַתִּמָּלֵ֥א הָאָ֖רֶץ חָמָֽס

Now the earth was corrupt before God, and the earth became full of HAMAS (English: robbery). (Genesis 6:11) 

In the generations of Noah, people worshiped idols. They murdered one another. They engaged in all forms of hedonistic licentiousness. They normalized homosexuality and bestiality. They stole from one another. The stronger ate the weaker. The one place a person should receive justice, the courts, were corrupt. There was no fairness. There was no justice.  

In the Torah, Hashem takes all this pure evil, this savage chaos, the constant injustice toward the widow, the orphan, the weak, and the wronged and sums it up in a single word: 


Hamas is the representation of everything unnatural and evil in this world.  

Today, influential people hijack ostensibly honorable causes and use them to tear mankind from its God-given humanity. The Western world is being forced back into the depths of the chaos that existed before God gave Noah the seven universal commandments that established civilization itself.  

It’s not just Israel that is fighting Hamas.  


How to Fight 

God, in His kindness, gave us the antidote before the disease. Before He warns us about Hamas corrupting the earth, He mentions Noah and his sons – Shem, Ham, and Yefet.  

He mentions Shem first, even though he is not the oldest. Shem is the forefather of Avraham. He is the torchbearer of mankind.  

The seven commandments of Noah to the non-Jews, and the 607 commandments God gives to Moshe and the Jewish nation on Har Sinai are the nuts and bolts of the world we live in.  

As long as we keep fastening the screws of this world tightly by upholding these universal commandments, nothing can break us.  

Noah and his children survived the Hamas of their day by observing these commandments in the face of rich and powerful people, who led the world to do the opposite.  

So will we.  


Miracles Everywhere 


On Monday, October 30, IDF troops entered Gaza and freed Ori Megidish, who was standing guard duty on October 7 when Hamas terrorists kidnapped her.  The brave soldiers of our bold army risked life and limb to perform the mitzvah of freeing a captive Jew. May Hashem bless them with everything in the honor of this great deed.  

Something crucial happened before her rescue.  

The previous erev Shabbat, her mother performed the mitzvah of separation of Challah. As she recited the blessing, tears streamed down her face.  

She made a sincere supplication to God while crying.  

It was the prayer of separating one from another. 

Days later, her daughter came home. A miracle! 

On the television, a “secular” journalist, upon announcing Ori’s release, asked his guest to give him his kippa (head covering), and shocked the audience by reciting a blessing to Hashem for releasing prisoners. 

It was a moment of unity. A moment of clarity. A moment of understanding.  



There was a video of a missile hitting the #4 highway near Ashdod.  

On the surface, it looked like a direct hit. There was an explosion and the entire highway was covered in soot and smoke. You couldn’t see anything. When it all cleared, you saw cars parked on and alongside the road. Debris was everywhere.  

But the actual explosion occurred a few meters next to the highway. There was a traffic jam going in the opposite direction.  

This missile traveled 45 kilometers (27 miles). Had it kept going for another two meters, the height of a single person, at least ten cars would have been hit, resulting in dozens of casualties.  

A missile travels from Gaza to Ashdod (approximately from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, MD). But it causes no damage because it couldn’t continue a distance of the height of Joe Biden.  


The Final Separation 

We are fighting pure evil.  

Hamas, in attacking with rape, torture, and mutilation, has set a new standard for aspiring jihadists everywhere. The new standard for terrorists is to do to the “infidel” what their “heroes” did to us on Simchat Torah.  

They are doing exactly what mankind did before the flood.  

Every time we separate ourselves from mankind by observing Shabbat, learning Torah, and praying to God, we declare ourselves part of His people. We reinforce the great seven commandments He gave to everyone, and reestablish the six hundred and six He gave only to the Jewish People.  

In this war of good vs evil, light vs darkness, humanity vs savagery, Holiness vs Hamas, every mitzvah, every prayer, every act of kindness is a push forward for His side.  

Every day, we see His miracles upon His people in His land.  

All our prayers, mitzvot, Torah learning, charity, and kindness count.  

It’s up to us to petition our Father in Heaven to protect us from Hamas in Israel and Hamas in this world and to re-establish His world.  



David Ben Horin lives in Afula with his family, millions of sunflowers, and Matilda, our local camel. David‘s Israeli startup, 300 Marketing Solutions, is a lean marketing agency for startups and small businesses that creates and promotes SEO-optimized ROI-driven to the right audience on LinkedIn to make your business the star of the show. 

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