Miracle on the Road

My "gut reaction" was an "emuna reaction". I walked away from a major accident with hardly a scrape, but that’s not the real miracle…

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Breslev Israel staff

Posted on 17.01.20

I received this email, and want to share it with all our readers! With regular study, it really is possible to make our default reaction an “emuna reaction” instead of a “gut reaction”! 


Thank you for the Universal Garden of Emuna videos on your website. I look forward to them every week.  

I'm a Noahide living in Salt Lake City, USA. I've been reading Rav Arush's emuna books for about 2.5 years and they've been a genuine life changer for me. 


My first wife passed away about 5 years ago. I started a relationship with my current wife shortly after reading The Garden of Emuna for the first time. When she decided to date me after I prayed to God and asked Him to let her be interested in me too, knowing that everything comes from God, and that I would thank Him for both the good and the seemingly bad, it was surreal. The relationship is like a dream. We were married in April 2018 and have been very happy ever since. 


Since then I've continued to study Rav Arush's teachings, and a recent experience has shown me that they've affected me on a very deep level – this is mostly what I wanted to write you about. 


I was driving on the freeway on Saturday, when the lane I was on suddenly veered off – a recent and unmarked change due to road construction. I pulled my car off to the side to try to get back onto the main road. I didn't realize it, but I put my car in a dangerous place. A van came up behind me and slammed into the back of my car at probably 70 kilometers per hour. 


My car was totally smashed on the back end and shoved about a hundred feet down the road. A complete write-off. But thanks to God, I only got some minor scrapes on my face – not even bleeding! But that's not the real miracle. 

The real miracle was, as I collected myself, the first thoughts that came into my head were: Were the people in the other vehicle ok? Followed immediately by “Thank You, God” – this accident was obviously the merciful softening of some much harsher heavenly decree. There was no trace of anger towards either the driver of the other vehicle, or God, for the situation. My only concern was for their safety and honest gratitude to God, not merely for my safety, but for the situation in general. In the most stressful of situations, without even having to compose myself, I had an instinctive deep-seated peace that this was all from God (who else is there?), and was for the absolute best. A recent article on the Breslev website referred to this as being at a high spiritual level, and all of the merit goes to Rav Arush and his teachers before him! 

Thank you so much for everything you all do. 


Darin from Salt Lake City, UT 


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1. Shmuel Avrahami


HaShem loves you Darin and all the Noahides. There is only HaShem and He is all merciful. HaRav Shalom Arush is bringing the path of salvation to the whole world. Spread the fire of emuna! Rabbi Yonatan D. Gal'ed is a true student of HaRav who is as special as he seems.

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