Prayer before Drinking Wine on Purim

Would you like to drink all the wine you want on Purim without suffering so much as a headache? No drunkenness, only joy! Rav Shalom Arush says this prayer:

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Rabbi Shalom Arush

Posted on 06.03.23

Make sure to say this prayer with true intention from the heart and to not drink even a drop of wine without saying this prayer.  

The entire purpose of drinking wine, and all of the rectifications dependent upon it, is only if we do not break Jewish law in even the slightest fashion, and do not cause pain or suffering to anyone else.   

You may only drink another cup of wine on the condition that you know and feel that you can handle it, and that it will only help you and not, G-d forbid, the opposite!   

(Translator’s note: Harav once commented that some people can only drink one cup! If there is the slightest chance that you will become a “bad drunk” if you drink more, don’t!)  

This tikkun is ONLY through drinking wine and not through any other alcoholic beverage.  

Prayer Before Drinking Each Glass of Wine on Purim  

I hereby connect myself, through drinking this wine, on this day of Purim, to all the true Tzaddikim in this generation, and to all the true Tzaddikim who have departed, “The Holy Ones who are in the earth” (and to Mordechai and to Esther), and  in particular, to Our Holy Rebbe, Tzaddik, Foundation of the World, “Flowing Brook, Source of Wisdom,”  Rebbe  Nachman,  the  son of Faige from Breslev;  may their merit protect us, and all of Israel. Amen.  

For the Sake of the Unification of the Holy One, Blessed is He & His Divine Presence, with fear & love, and with love & fear,  to  bond as One the Name of  ה ו י ה (hovaya) blessed is He. The letter “Yud”(י) with the letter “Heh”(ה) and the letter “Vav”(ו ) with  the letter “Heh”(ה), with a complete bonding, through the One that is completely hidden, in the name of all Israel.  

I am hereby prepared and ready to do the will of Hashem, Blessed Be He, to heed the words of the Sages, who commanded us to drink wine on Purim, in order to be worthy to become close and know Hashem, Blessed be He, and the raise up the Shechina from the dust, and to arise the Shechina, our power.  

Master of the World, enable me to awaken the great and awesome “et ratzon” – special time of Divine favor – during the time of drinking wine at the Purim feast, to fulfill all of the desires of my heart for the good, and let the verse be fulfilled in me: “And the King said to Esther at the feast of wine: What is your request? It will be given to you! And what do you want? Up to half of the kingdom, and it will be done!”   

Enable me to remember very well that this is an awesome and huge time of Divine favor, that there is no time like it the entire year. Let me remember that during this time it is possible to cancel all of the harsh decrees, and subdue all evil, and merit all of the salvations, especially of the soul. Enable me to pray a lot, and plead before you. Don’t let me be a fool and lose this holy time on drunkenness and foolishness.  

“May it be Your Will, Hashem, my God and the God of my forefathers, that through drinking this wine I shall become worth of ”one who is worthy will become a head (the Tzaddik).” Enable me to always be connected to the “Head” of the Nation of Israel, and be worthy to correct my mind and thoughts, and give me wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to know You and come close to You. Give me perfect and complete emuna, and perfect holy knowledge (daat). Enable me to know that all of the “bad” in my life is for my ultimate best.  


Through Drinking This Wine…  

May I be worthy to go up to the highest intellect that is very high and to sweeten all the judgements in the world.  

May I be worthy to “mochin d’gadlut”– expanded consciousness.   

May I be worthy to know that “Ein Od Milvado” – there is nothing besides You, and to live the truth that I am zero.  

May I be worthy to true humility, to forgiveness of all my sins, and to correct the Brit (personal holiness).  

May I be worthy to rise to the aspect of “remembrance” and always remember the World to Come.  

May I be worthy to raise myself to a place that is all good.  

May I be worthy to be saved from the aspect of “those who are not worthy become unfortunate.” Enable me to never fall into constricted consciousness, and to never feel sadness.   

  • Completely eradicate from within me the evil of Haman-Amalek, and enable me to never be arrogant or feel better than anyone in the world.   
  • Completely cancel from within me all heresy, and completely cancel the evil of Haman, which is the evil of not appreciating the good, which is the aspect of “All of this is nothing to me,” and may I be worthy to receive the light of thanking and appreciation, and to always be happy with my portion.   

May I be worthy to merit true happiness, and to wine that makes one happy.  

May I be worthy through this wine of Purim to enter great happiness and tremendous love, within the happiness of Purim.  

May I be worthy to always be happy with all my heart and to make others happy.  

Through filling my heart with wine, enable me to dance, sing, and praise hashem without end, and thank and praise Hashem with happiness.    

Have mercy on me and save me and all of my offspring, and all of the Jewish people, from all forms of drunkenness from wine or other alcoholic beverages, and let me never, ever become drunk, because you revealed through your holy Sages the great blemish that comes from drunkenness, God forbid.  

Have mercy on me and save me in your mercy from “wine which makes one drunk” and from “The one without merit goes crazy.”   

Save me from sadness and the imagination which brings a person to be crazy, which is drunkenness.  

Save me from “wine that makes one drunk” and completely erase from me the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  

May I be worthy through drinking this wine, to clarify and rectify the imagination, that I have an imagination that is included in holiness and switches over from bad to good.  

May I be worthy to complete and straight emuna.  

Save me from the “strange fire” and excitement of the evil inclination that comes through drunkenness, and let me never have any desire or excitement from the evil inclination for any lust whatsoever.  

May I be worthy that I should have the power to awaken the root of “wine which makes one happy,” and in Your mercy, bring upon me the root of the firstborn and the blessing. Fulfill in me the verse: “My firstborn nation, Israel” as it says: “Even though I am a firstborn, my roots are high, from the kings of the land.” Shower upon me abundance, good, blessing, mercy, life, peace and every good, Amen.”   

May I be worthy through drinking this wine to rectify the sin of Adam the first man, which he sinned through drunkenness, and through this he mixed the good and the bad, and blemished the imagination.   

May I be worthy to completely cancel within me the sin of eating the tree of life, and enable me to clarify between the good and the bad. Enable me to rise to the level of the “Tree of Life” and enable me to reach the level of Adam the first man before the sin.  

May it be Your will that through drinking this wine, it should be considered as if I fasted from Shabbat to Shabbat.  

May I be worthy to come to elevated fear of Hashem.  

May I be worthy to awaken from my sleep physically and spiritually. Guard me that I should not fall asleep physically or spiritually.   

Have mercy on us so that drinking this wine will not harm us either physically or spiritually.  

May we be worthy to subdue, divorce, uproot and obliterate the evil of Haman-Amalek and his great filth, to wipe away his name and all remembrance of him from this world.  

May we be worthy to draw upon ourselves the holiness of Mordechai and Esther, the holiness of the fiftieth gate. 

May we be worthy to draw upon ourselves the happiness of Purim throughout the whole year, and to be happy together with Hashem, the Blessed One, with great happiness always.  

May we be worthy to the holiness and purity of the “Red Heifer.”  

May we be worthy to the true holiness of Pesach, and not stumble at all in the sin of chametz throughout all the days of Pesach.  

“May the pleasantness of Hashem, our God, be upon us –

may He establish the work of our hands for us,

and the work of our hands may He establish it.” (x2)  


To receive this prayer in a formatted PDF, click this link to download: HaRav’s Prayer before Wine.

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I knew about the greatness of Purim and its holiness and about the greatness of joy on that day. On the other hand, I was aware of the widespread phenomena of drunk people who lose their human dignity. I found a sure-fire way to maintain an atmosphere of yirat Shamayim without reaching a state of dissoluteness and silliness.